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Got more into PC gaming with sc2, was always a fan of PC games since diablo 1 and warcraft 2, but SC 2 really put me into it. Now I'm debating getting a dope setup for a computer

But I don't want to drop $1000+ to see my nexus in higher quality, I'm wondering what good games there are out there.

I know company of heroes 2 comes out soon, haven't played the first, though.

Any games to suggest are welcome! I obviously prefer RTS, but list anything noteworthy, and include what genre it is, and feel free to argue amongst yourselves!
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
-Oldish game, so you will probably need to get it through Steam.
-If you are getting a gaming rig this should play without any problem
-Don't get Supreme Commander 2, much to... I don't know... smoothness while feeling blocky at the same time, plus the maps shrank by a factor of 10, which gives you and Idea what SC:FA has in the way of size.
-That said Supreme Commander 2 is about the same map-size as Starcraft 2

Planetside 2
-New, 6 months out.
-Needs a RIG to run well, but I manage with a laptop that yields 15-35fps.
-Requires internet connection, preferably faster than 1.5mb/s
-Free to play, without really being Pay to Win
-I really like this game, since there are zero non-human players, and you can see hundreds of players in one fight.

Portal 1&2
-They are awesome.
-Puzzle/fps combo... Kind of.

That's it for now.
If you like WW II games you'll like these.

Men of War
Realistic(like really damn realistic) WW II RTS. Very hard, but very fun, especially with friends.

Sniper Elite V2
Another realistic game. You play as a lone sniper going through Russia and Germany trying to stop them from getting any more documents of info on Germany's V2 rockets. The game uses real ballistics and you need to strategize. 3rd person shooter.

Company of Heroes
Great game but 2nd one is coming out. I played the beta, its amazing, definate recommend.

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars
Great game, RTS. Somewhat in the future. A bit old but still beautiful graphics and gameplay. I have only stopped playing it because it broke...

Supreme Commander
Zanon already went over the expansion pack of this game. The regular game is still amazing though. Huge maps, huge battles, supreme gameplay.

(Yeah don't get Supeme Commander 2. Its... Not that great... It was a disappointing sequel)

I would say ArmA II, but the 3rd is coming out and you can buy the alpha for full access to the beta a full version. Its a 1st/3rd person realistic shooter. Its more than a shooter. Its like putting a strategy game into a shooter. Its just, modern warfare at its most realistic point. Any modern US pr Russian vehicle you can think of (T72s T90s, M1 Abrams, LAVs Bradley's, A-10s, Apaches. Blackhawks, Mi24 Hinds etc.) and just as every vehicle, every gun (if you want modern stuff go for ArmA 2 because ArmA 3 is in the future by a few years, but here are signifigant changes like the standard NATO rounds go from 5.56 to 6.5, also many vehicles are different)

You can also make your own missions and maps. With the units, weapons and triggers it provides to you. Also there are many mods out there Wasteland, DayZ, Invasion: 44. All very good. Infantry based combat thou, is still the heart of the game. You can command your squad, be a sniper, saboteur, or just a regular frontline rifleman backed up by tanks, other infantry and air support.

If you don't like realism, this game isn't for you.

Battlefield 4
Not out yet, but a very promising game to me, take a look at what they show you so far, and try the demo if/when it comes out.

FPS, large maps with many vehicles, or small infantry based maps.
I'd say Supreme Commander has bigger maps than Supreme Commander. No suggestions from me.
Skyrim and SimCity. Both are great games and need good graphics card to fully enjoy.
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance: Already explained by Zanon, RTS with insanely large maps and battles with thousands of units. Somehow manages to maintain high graphics settings without too much lag.

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars: Koro already mentioned this, overall a pretty good RTS.

Portal, Portal 2: What Zanon said, also cake.

Starcraft, Brood War: The original game, plus the expansion. Quite old, but you can still buy them. Graphics are much older, game is somewhat harder, some different units, different campaign from SC2. Other than that the gameplay is pretty similar.

Dawn of War, any/all expansions: Not sure where you can get this, but it's a very good RTS. Do not get Dawn of War 2, it's awful in comparison to the older one (the campaign in it is sort of decent, everything else is too oversimplified).

Mechwarrior: Online: A good online mech battle simulator. Still in beta, so a bit buggy and not all features are implemented yet (apparently a persistent universe will be added in a few months), but works well enough and everything looks very good. Servers are a little unstable. There are many maps, but only two map sizes; small (3kmx3kmish), and huge (your guess is as good as mine, I'd say maybe 20-30kmx20-30km).
Planetside 2
-New, 6 months out.
-Needs a RIG to run well, but I manage with a laptop that yields 15-35fps.
-Requires internet connection, preferably faster than 1.5mb/s
-Free to play, without really being Pay to Win
-I really like this game, since there are zero non-human players, and you can see hundreds of players in one fight.

This game runs like crap in big battles, you need serious rig to play it seriously.
The Mass Effect Trilogy (Mass Effect I, Mass Effect II, and Mass Effect III)
A great series of RPGs/third person shooters. VERY good story line, but the end to number 3 is kinda a let down. Make sure to get all the official DLC as well.
06/22/2013 10:52 AMPosted by Warhawk
The Mass Effect Trilogy

Always forget this is a computer game. If you're into RPGs/third person shooters, it's the arguably the best out there.

I've beat the first one five times. The second one three times and the third one twice (And a half)

I plan on beating the second one two more times and the third one two(and a half) more times :P
Get the new Richland APU by AMD, A8 and above will run SC2 in ultra. Add a 7750 with it, and you can play anything on high

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