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06/22/2013 10:19 PMPosted by Gambler
The terran right now are in to the tightrope why some people who can't play or stop a simple hellbat drop and they are hysterical and filling of QQ treads these forums, and you ask a buff?

thats our mirror and its pretty much 1 or both players going hellbat drops... some of us are resorting to silly defenses like fast thors or bunker behind the mineral line just to survive into the mid game

and for once we get to use our late game units in that matchup

06/22/2013 10:19 PMPosted by Gambler
They don't gave to the banshee a cheaper cost to cloack, why this could give to terrans the possibility from being extremely aggressive and take control of the map, starting to reseach stimp packs so faster and take a rapid expansion and now you are asking a little love to the Ghost?

i hope you realize that terran had literally no map control in the early game AND in the late game, its only in the mid game that terran can have a lot of map control, until higher teir units come out that is... its not zerg we are talking about, terran does have a huge defenders advantage but we dont have many ways to control the map like zerg have creep and protoss have warp ins/blink stalker/phoenix



when it comes to surviving the late game, i know mech seems to be doing well, but bio needs to transition off to something else because its just a weak maxed army... its unfortunate that high tech beats bio if you cant end it early, but thats just how the composition is atm

should be preparing for a transition to mech or sky terran if you go bio, the easiest way to do this is get vehicle armor up to +3, which you should if you use hellbats, then when you decide you want to go then drop the extra factory or starports to get your more expensive units out... at least for a mineral dump you can still use M&M
Nerf Terran t2, buff Terran t3.

I think players of every race will like this.
Nerf Terran t2, buff Terran t3.I think players of every race will like this.

I don't know whether it should be nerfing Terran T2 or buffing the other races' T2, but I agree with the sentiment. This asymmetrical balance sucks sometimes.
06/23/2013 07:58 AMPosted by TaylorSwift
How about we make ghosts free?

Mmm, not!

We aren't Zergs for asking free stuff and cheap gifts to blizzard.

I mean, its ok for zergs ask for buffs to building Hydralisk without den, cry when they dont win a tournament, but we are terrans we deal with problems bro :D
In my opinion, the ghost should be redesign so that it can do reasonable effect to most of the unit.
By adding a weapon transform ability to deal extra damage to bio or mech, and the cost and upgrade can remain the same as before.

Weapon transform: Plasma rifle
Damage: 20 (+30 to mech), air and ground, one target
Range: 8
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Ability in Plasma rifile mode: EMP Round
Effect: Your attack also deal 100 damage to shield and energy to target and it's nearby units.
Cooldown: 12 seconds (no energy is used)
Area of effect: 2

Weapon transform: grenade launcher
Damage: 20 (+10 to bio), ground only, one target
Range: 6
Cooldown: 2 seconds

Ability in grenade launcher mode: acid grenade
Effect: Your attack also deal 30 damage to bio unit to target and it's nearby units.
Cooldown: 6 seconds (no energy is use)
Area of effect: 2

Ability in both weapon mode: cloak, nuke.
Late game nukes are actually the most food efficient form of harass in the game. Compare a 10 food medivac drop with a 2 food ghost dropping a nuke. You could hit 3 different areas for only 6 food and 300/300 while the rest of your army pushes the front. Finding those little dots every time is basically impossible for anyone masters and lower, and I've even seen pros unable to be everywhere at once in the late game.

Pure stats for how a unit operates in a heads up engagement isn't everything, and overloading your opponents' ability to multitask is a legitimate approach.
I've been terran for a long time.
I had a weak late game for a long time.
I don't feel weak anymore.

The swarm will burn!
The mighty Protoss will be crushed!
If you don't know the game, please don't post garbage like this. Terran late game is fine.
LMFAO at these proposed buffs.
Nothing reasonable about them at all, unless you are a completely biased terran and want free wins.

Blizzard buffs warp prism speed by ~20% and terran cry OMG OP, protoss so strong.

If anyone dares to suggest that stalkers get +1 or +2 attack, screams and howls of OP ring out.

But decreasing ghost build time by ~30%, decreasing cost AND giving them free energy upgrade AND giving them free cloak ALL AT THE SAME TIME is 'reasonable'.


Why not make them fly around with jetpacks and launch nukes as their standard attack?
Or just make them invincible and be done with it?
The op's "reasonable" buffs are kinds silly.

Ghosts are a counter unit, they counter spell casters, but it takes longer to reach ghosts tech then the techs they counter, while costing more often then the units they counter.

Terran win games by crippling emy with harass and drops, ghosts are just there so your maxed army with 40 workers don't die to a protoss/zerg army that is half your size.

Buff the ghosts, or Thors or BC in reasonable ways, then we can discuss about nerfering the Terran harass ability no?
Certainly, with Terran as by far the least ( 1/2 of zergs ) representing in tournaments with them starting to lose more and more surely they are still over-powered?
Best two Terran in the world? look at every one of their games vs zerg and protoss, "greed cheese" every game as described by Idra.

Just because your in diamond and don't scout outside of your base for drops and cannot multitask and split your army dose not mean Terran is overpowered, it just means your being a typical American who likes to blame the game for your lack of control and foresight.

The Asians and alot of Europeans on the otherhand, like to keep their mouthshut since it makes them look bad, and they know their rage QQ is not worth their collective time to maybe get a blehhh reaction from blizzard.
All of the changes have to do with the Ghost. The ghost is simply in need of some love. It's hardly ever used simply because of the time it takes to get them out and all of the upgrades that you have to get to make them viable.

The suggested changes are as follows-


---Reduce build time by 10-15 sec

---Remove the Energy Research Upgrade and/or Cloak

--- Reduce mineral cost to 150 or 125



--- Re-work Snipe so that it may once again be useful vs zerg T3(but not overpowered)

--- Increase EMP radius but keep dmg vs shields the same

--- Increase EMP range (would help to get in range of toss armies)

This will make the Ghost worth building and make up for when blizzard was swinging the nerf bat hard at terran and sliced the ghost nuts off with the emp and snipe nerf.

It's My Ghost And I Need It Now!


+1 man... It wont ever happen though... Sorry... Terran are meant to lose TvP and having a UBER boring Mirror MU... TvZ is however is the only decent MU... And even then if a Terran even remotely has good micro the Zerg is going to be hurting...
dude, the ghost is already super OP, EMP is your one cast does all spell.

compared to MSC timewarp, sentry FF and GS, and Templar FB and Storm. Imagine clicking 5 things at once in perfect syncronization and hitting the right spots with FF and storm.

All you have to do is just click EMP, stim, then just kite.
dude, the ghost is already super OP, EMP is your one cast does all spell.

compared to MSC timewarp, sentry FF and GS, and Templar FB and Storm. Imagine clicking 5 things at once in perfect syncronization and hitting the right spots with FF and storm.

All you have to do is just click EMP, stim, then just kite.


are you serious?
Once Cloak is researched ghosts should be perma-cloaked
Ghosts semi-counter pretty much all Protoss units due to EMP and snipe with their highish HPs and ability to hide with cloak if observers are taken down.

- Psi storm is bad against them b/c they have high enough HPs and just heal back.
- Zealots are OK, but when zealot numbers are low and ghost numbers are high, snipe snipe snipe. Or kill obs, cloak.
- They are faster than high templar, so a ghost can always retreat if he thinks he is about to be fedback.
- EMP counters immortals, sentries, and high templar... and archons. Even the colossus is brought to half death after a sneaky EMP, although marauders or vikings are needed to clean up.

I'm not saying ghosts are broken, but they are FAR from weak. If you make ghosts better, you'd have to completely take away all the crazy powerful early and midgame options Terran has against Protoss.

As it stands, I'd rather the races be more equal early, mid, and late game... but it's not quite how the game works yet.
Ghosts are actually starting to appear less and less in TvP. While mandatory for the late game they don't need to be there for the mid game or a lot of the deadly timing pushes that terran comes out with.

In any given Terran game Ghosts are only made in somewhere between 1/3 to 1/4 of the matches.

While that doesn't seem too bad remember that their appearance outside of TvP is near 0%.
I know I shouldn't reply to a retard magnet thread, but lets shed some light:

In TvP: the P will need aoe to combat bio. They can choose colossus or templar route of tech. They can't easily do both until they have 3 bases fully loaded at the late-game stage.

If they go with colossus - you go with vikings. if they go with templar - you go with ghosts. it's really not that hard. All of these units are T2, except for the colossus which is T3.

Now in any other matchup - the ghost gets pigeon-holed into nukes, which in the pro scene is a rare sight indeed. It's useful for breaking tank lines and moving an enemy army out of position; or wiping out a worker line when the enemy is distracted.

Snipe really does need a buff, I think back to the OLD snipe. A flat 50 damage, maybe an energy cost increase. I never understoof why taking down massive units with snipe was a problem. Also not being able to 1 shot banelings is a travesty.
I'll agree that Ghosts aren't really cost effective in regards to HT but please don't bring Infestors into the mix. Those things are pieces of useless garbage right now.

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