ONLINE - Zerg Gold -> Plat 1v1 stream

Zerg Discussion
Enjoy my derpy antics -
constructive criticism welcome,
flaming also welcome :D
offline - had some technical difficulties at the end there - trying new software and will resume tomorrow
Day 2
food rations thinning
stream appears to be functioning
Day 3
Rations are completely depleted.
Stream is going strong.
platinum feels to be within my grasp.
no way
followed! it's nice to see someone who is not a gm streaming. i want to see what others are doing at around (or a bit above) my skill level. look forward to watching you pwn noobs!
Morning you beautiful insect race you!
back at it
(took a week-long vacation home; so this is going to be interesting)

need to buy new shoes - it's been years D:

that being said if i were to offer custom calligraphy work for donators would that have any sort of interest?

I'm in art school; so if there's any sort of interest i may start doing that type of thing for my swarmy brotheren)

Major is drawing/painting; I also do calligraphy and i might experiment with a digital form of it for.. well idk;

I'm just rambling here and i tend to do so (you know if you watch)

comments, critique, concerns, and hate speech all allowed (toward me not each other; play nice)

will return in.. idk, 1 hour?
Laddering NAO
06/24/2013 02:56 PMPosted by Carbon

your just jelly, you wish you could stream
Demoted after winning my placement.

That just won't do

rambling to myself and anyone who will listen
checking chat after each game

Holy frustrated;

Series of mishaps, will resume later today or tomorrow.
(today was going to be short anyway; busybusybee)

Swarm online.
weird...weird day of streaming but hey;
Thanks to all who watched.
I will return.
Streaming one whole game !?!?

Time constraints blahblahblah let's play!
Stream's going down. Time for dicking around in poker d

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