Hey Z's, anyone online that can help me learn

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Looking to get back into 1v1 and I need some help with, well, alot of stuff, especially floating minerals.

anyone online that could help? brutus767

Pm me in game if i am on. Thanks guys
Floating mineral problem.
1. expand
2. make static defense
3. macro hatch
4. make units
My problem Is Mainly After Saturating 2 Or 3 Bases. I never Have Less Than 3 hatches if Its After 10 minutes. Just I Dont Float Gas Very Often , Just Minerals.
When you expand, I don't mean saturate fully your base. Only mine gas and not minerals. You shouldn't really float much if you are good at injecting. Stay around 90 drones.

What races do you usually float against?
Hmmm if your on 3 bases and floating minerals then you should do what stephano does and build like 10 overlords at once and max out your supply. Of course you should only do this if you see that your opponent isn't going to attack you and you have time to regain the larva and prepare some troops. After that and you're still floating minerals take extra bases and only go for the gas and larva, that way you will have enough gas to transition into tier 3 easily.

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