Bros help me out here plz

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K I am a plat terran player.
I have 60%+ win rate in TVP and TVT
but freaking my TVZ is around 40%.

Most of the times i do reaper opening and just mass barracks and make medivac marine and maruders
I have a great production , macro and micro but freaking zergling/banelings/ and mutas %%@*%%** me late game
or eeven worse sometimes I lost to roach and baneling rush.

I do wall off my first expo and build bunkers.
I usually upgrade stim vs zerg.

Also I have tried hellbat drops but still those banelings screw me up all the times.

Please any advice bros?
Widow mines or siege tanks would do wonders.
There are two ways of playing TvZ.

The first one is early harass into 3CC powering into a strong timing. Look up Innovation's TvZ for this way of playing. It is vulnerable to roach\ling all-ins and timings if going MMMM, but it gives you a big midgame power. If you scout a roach\ling pressure,build WMs insted of hellions or hellbats and make thyself at least 3 bunkers. Emergency marauders and mass reapair are required. Try to focus fire thine mines on banelings and roaches.If it's pure ling all in, hellions should stop it no problem.

The second way is to make a 9-12 minute timing attack. Look up old Polt's TvZ marauder\marine\hellion push or John's (in the big build order thread) version of it if you are capable of reaper micro. This way is a lot stronger vs all-ins and if your opponent is going macro, it would be capable of killing his third or even natural. However, you need to inflict meaningful damage with these or thy shall fall behind in macro department.

Also, in the late game I would have two starports, two factories and a lot of raxes when going biomine.
maybe try mech instead

i find the reactor factory opening the best, you can do a reaper first but it also lets you get a factory for hellions (map control) and widow mines if they go for a bust... you can also make a tech lab on the barracks which you can make marauders or swap to make tanks and reactor marines

if they are passive, what you can do is after your first 4 hellions, make 2 widow mines and send them to the 3rd/4th so they are stuck on 2 bases for a while

if you want to be aggressive off 2 base, you can do the hellbat thing and add an armory and starport, or you can add a second factory and armory, push out with 2-3 tanks/hellbats and marines which can allow you to knock down a 3rd or contain him on the natural... i have even won games with this push

pretty much the next response seems to always be mutas so get your engineering bay down and turrets, try for a 3rd as well depending on the map, and then you can do as you please (you can even go back bio and add more barracks, the 1-2 factory will be for hellbat/mines)

personally as a mech player i have been using the old +0/+3 style of going all armor, it works even better now that starport units also get the armor making it easier to add in vikings for AA (because thors and mines are never enough)


if you run into swarm hosts playing mech, i feel you need to drop (or have) 2x starports. i found the best way to deal with them is actually viking/raven, ravens themselves can seeker them but the idea behind the vikings is to land on top of them between volleys, if they are ready to attack, just lift off again... i also prefer this to banshee because they may have mutas and if you have enough vikings they can also shoot them down
06/23/2013 12:31 PMPosted by TaylorSwift
Did you try making marines? Idk how you can lose.

you spread your QQ all over the forums like TaylorSwift spread her love.
I have lots of advice, but it would take a long time to list it all.

The most important thing is to learn to identify what zerg is doing so you can counter it. Other than that just find a solid opener that can adjust to deal with anything zerg tries.

If you need more help I offer paid coaching @ $10/hr with a guaranteed promotion after 2 months of steady play.

send me a message if you're interested.

06/23/2013 12:31 PMPosted by TaylorSwift
Did you try making marines? Idk how you can lose.

Let's ignore this qq troll.
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Never assume your macro and micro is great. There's always ways to improve. Especially if you are only in platinum.

Anyway, mines or tanks are extremely helpful against lings and blings. Bio-Mine is pretty standard nowadays, try watching Innovation vs Soulkey in the GSL finals for some good examples of how it works.
06/23/2013 04:49 PMPosted by dreaMer
lol gold talking trash nub

how in the world do you have tvp 60+ my tvt is like 80% and tvp is 20%
I don't know what advice to give you, except stop trying to take a fast 3rd CC. If you're losing to b/ling/muta, your macro and micro isn't great and/or you aren't building Widow Mines.
06/24/2013 04:19 AMPosted by Xenos
I don't know what advice to give you, except stop trying to take a fast 3rd CC. If you're losing to b/ling/muta, your macro and micro isn't great and/or you aren't building Widow Mines.

ok so I will try take ur advice as staying 1 cc at my lv at dia get 2cc but does bo matter in my league and what should I open?
Anything you feel comfortable with, as long as you're macroing while microing well, that's what you should focus on before BOs. Proxy 2rax will help you a lot with your marine control. You could do a 3rax stim timing with SCV pull. You should work on proper mechanics is what I'm saying, it's more important for Terran then the other two races. Maybe in plat, start going CC first against Z since 1base sort of sucks against them.

You could eventually try this build and just make it a two base all-in by pulling most of your SCVs:

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