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Ok this has been talked about for who knows and I've already mentioned such a problem in the past.
But this time I decided to take off my side of comp to watch what happens when my screen goes black.
What I realized was that nothing stopped. My fans working, FF lighting on motherboard, and now I'm thinking maybe its just my screen acting up. But now my question is if anyone knows what I can do to verify this. I mean all other games work fine and all except for SC2.
And before it goes black, my mouse pointer acts up first with a graphical glitch square around the pointer, then its the screen that goes all weird with colors stretching across the screen then black.
Hi, does your screen look like mine does?
No actually I get my mouse pointer acting up within a square with lines, then my screen starts to flicker and then I get sometimes like your first post image but than complete black screen. I usually will restart the computer before the black screen happens since I now know its comin once the mouse and screen start to flicker.
BlastU, I'd reset StarCraft II's configuration by deleting the Variables.txt file from C:\Users\<username>\Documents\StarCraft II

I'd also watch your system's temperatures to be sure there's no overheating.
Rate me!
Hi Velnrak,
I've done that, and no temperature problems seem apparent. I've put a new fan on the processor, fans are running fine on my ASUS GTX 660, My 1000watt PS is giving the power and all fans are working on comp.
Unless I just did not get lucky and the GC is not working properly ? However, I bought that thinking maybe the problem was with my past 9800 GTX Gforce card. I'm wondering if my motherboard is maybe not able to handle something. Or my dual cpu that cant take the strain ? Anyways, I got an i5-4670k waiting to be installed on a future Mobo.. However I have to wait about a month or two. (a wife thing hahahahah)
I've seen so many threads on this issue, nothing is ever actually resolved.

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