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I started playing and everything was fine. After a couple of hours I noticed that the graphics started to skip. When I hover over the menu button, it reads a constant 60fps and no resource stalls.

Comp Specs:

i5 3570-K running at 3.4 GHz per core.
8 GB of RAM
Nvidia GTX 660
Windows 8

I recently had an issue with my graphics driver crashing in other games, but I have reseated it and things have seemed to work fine since doing that. I have also contacted the maker of my computer regarding that issue.

Is this graphics issue something on my end or is someone in the game I was playing lagging slightly?
What kind of skip is it? Can you see it all happen like in a slide show like way? Or does it freeze for few seconds then everything seems to fast forward back to the present (or just freeze then go to what is happening at the time)?
Its kind of like the game pauses for a fraction of a second. Just long enough to notice the stop. Nothing seems to fastforward and there doesn't seem to be any frame loss. As I said, the menu shows a constant 59 to 60 fps.
fps in menu doesnt mean anything. fps varies as the game is played out. fps would lower if there are alot of units on screen and alot of action.

if you notice no fast forward then its likely lag. next time ask if other people feel it too. if they do then ye its lag. the lagger just dont lag bad enough for you to see the waiting for player screen. it could be their pc or connection.

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