StarCraft II Public Test Shortcut on Desktop

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i have this annoying problem where i can't delete the StarCraft II Public Test shortcut on my desktop
it say "The action can't be completed because the file is open in starCraft II Public Test.exe"

it kinda show me it's not really a shortcut too
i tried to run as admin to delete it, or shift+del, still doesn't work

i like my desktop to be clean ^^
the "shortcut" was created because i had an issue opening the launcher, so i tried to run anything in the starcraft folder, well i still have it.. i just run the setup.exe to open my game

please help =)
Hi Chingaling,

You might be able to delete it in Safe Mode. Let us know how that goes, and we can work from there.
Rate me!
it went perfectly fine!
thanks you Master

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