Found maphacking player. What should I do?

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Greetings from Russia! Sorry for my not so good English, and I don't know, is it right forum's branch to write about this problem or not.

Basically I play on EU, but sometimes I play on US servers. I played today too, but my last opponent was waaay too strange: he didn't do any scouting, properly reacted with any scouting (created wall against hellions), and what's more suspicious - he looked everytime in my unscouted base (which can be seen in replay with player's camera mode).

Replay is here:

Right after the game I used option "To file a complaint" (don't know how to spell it right in English, because I have a Russian client) and selected "Cheating" category of petition.

So there's a question: should I do something more or just sit and wait?

Thank you.
There's nothing you can do, we have a cheater/maphacker thread over at teamliquid, with like thousands of confirmed cheaters/maphackers, everyone of them has been reported a zillion times but like 99.9% of the accounts are still up and running even after YEARS.
Hello DeLF,

If you reported it in-game already, that's all you need to do.

FYI, here are some other methods of reporting hacking/cheating:
Web Form:

Also, Blizzard will not respond to you directly about any reports. Only because it is a private affair between Blizzard and the accused cheater. So all you ever need to do is report it and then continue on!
Blizzard does not care, they do not care about the cheaters, the map hackers, or the usless crap servers that are nealry unuseable in arcade.

they have your money, go play wow.

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