Can't play heart of the swarm

Technical Support
I bought the digital copy off of the blizzard website and the launcher comes up which says run or cancel and I click run. the blizzard updater comes up and it looks as though it is updating but when I go and open starcraft it is still the same. Also my wings of liberty has changed status to the starter edition for some random reason. I bought the full edition both of them now and its still not working right.
Try buying it again and re-logging.

I can start you off. In your battlenet account online, what level of Startcraft II does it say that you own? If it says "Starter Edition", I find the best thing to do is call or do a live chat with customer support if you are able. Those folks are pretty good at resolving account issues. If you are unable to do either, submit a service ticket here:

If it says "Wings of Liberty" or "Heart of the Swarm" (which ever you recently purchased), then I'll have to defer to Blizzard to help you further here.

Good luck!

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