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My losses have always been my fault in some way or another. I played BW, and I've been through enough training in other games and areas of life to know that complaints always start where complacency sets in, and that if you're complaining, you're probably not doing everything 100%.

But that's just it. I give it 100%. I read through articles, posts, and charts. I watch VODs, tournaments, and meta-game shows every day. I set up obs, get coaching from clanmates and helpers, and practice solo regularly. I've got builds memorized, understand engagements, rarely miss injects or creep spreads, and generally have great hands.

But none of it pays off. Maybe at a higher/pro level that I'll never reach without some innate talent.

I can read my opponent, scout well, macro perfectly, defend perfectly, but I can never attack, and I can never reap any real reward for knowing my opponent's plan (especially when it's most transparent) and playing smarter and harder than they do. There is no worse feeling than scouting and reading your opponent perfectly only to lose to them and see that not only did you read them, you were actually playing 4-5 times faster than they were too.

They just chose a race that was capable of producing some ridiculous deathball or drop with almost no consequences for doing so.

I understand it takes work, and that's what I love. But every ounce of work has to have some semblance of growth or reward, and it's just not there for Zerg. There is no correlation of ability and results. There isn't even any fun or satisfaction. It's just running around in circles.

Hopefully you guys get it right in a patch or Legacy of the Void, but I'm just too disgusted to keep this up.
take a break come back again when you feel like it..its true zerg cant do much..because its design as a counter race..its either all in or defend.

if your atk don't work well or done enough damage you are far behide.
06/23/2013 11:16 PMPosted by Hilary
scout well, macro perfectly, defend perfectly

06/23/2013 11:16 PMPosted by Hilary
macro perfectly

I don't think I've ever seen a gold league player claim that their macro is perfect.

I promise that you don't macro, scout, or do anything anywhere near perfectly. You seem deluded towards your actual skill level. This kind of attitude is very bad for improvement, your ego is holding you back.

You should post a replay, I'd love to see what perfect macro looks like.
Well, it would suck to lose a member of the Swarm, but maybe you should try using another race?

At the very least, learning to play Terran or Toss would give you insight on how to beat them. By playing the exact strategies you lose to, you will know exactly what they fear.

Know thy enemy.
hmm if youre playing perfectly, i wonder what level im playing at
When you lose a game or many, whatever, IT IS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT.

there isn't some or another, again, its alway, ALWAYS your fault.

if you don't realize that, you will never improve, which seemingly looks that way, or had been.

Well unless you got dc'ed, than its a different manner of situation. :d
When you lose a game or many, whatever, IT IS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT.

there isn't some or another, again, its alway, ALWAYS your fault.
06/23/2013 11:16 PMPosted by Hilary
But that's just it. I give it 100%.

06/23/2013 11:16 PMPosted by Hilary
But none of it pays off.

Welcome to playing Zerg. Enjoy!
I can feel you at least partially, OP. Even trying to get out of silver is an exercise in how high my blood pressure can go.

I have a hard time leading myself to click the play button because I just can't stomach the thought of doing the zerg grind for 15 - 20 minutes only to discover my opponent spent the last 15 minutes drooling on his keyboard and massing one unit type.

Hell, the last game I played completely crushed my interest in playing. I scout an FFE early, 4 starports at ten and decide to poke my opponent at 15 after getting about 25 hydras and a few vipers... no expo at either common third location... overlords aren't seeing his army... well let's check out his bas- oh my god that's a mothership with 100 zealots underneath it. Are you kidding? Suddenly I'm having flash backs to BW with idiots massing nukes or carriers and you know what? That got old before SC2 was even a concept.

My fault my fault my fault my fault my fault my fault my fault my fault my fault my fault my fault . Yeah, I know. I'm an adult and this isn't Repbulican training class for five year olds. But what's the point in training and wanting to get better when all you've got to go up against is some moron who's only advantage is that he's bewilderingly awful? I'm mentally prepared to go up against opponents with grasps of timings, builds, compositions, opponents who are just waiting to switch it up against me, opponents who will kick my !@# - who will pick me up and break my back Bane-style, opponents who will make me better in the long run, but instead here's Joe Boxodonuts with his Massoneunitcuzstawcwaftisfun technique. Sickening.
06/24/2013 08:36 AMPosted by tEhbAtZ
But that's just it. I give it 100%.

But none of it pays off.

Welcome to playing Zerg. Enjoy!
When I used to be Masters my macro was no where near perfect than the pros. So I doubt a gold player can have perfect macro.
I've been playing this game for 3 months now. I've been stuck in top 5 gold for this whole weekend. I'm so bored of seeing the same exact stuff all the time. Hellbat drops, 2 base all-in protoss, and speedling all in from zerg. Really painful to see how 3 races can't be balanced in this game.
When reading this i assumed you were at least masters, but no. You should uninstall, you take this game a little to seriously for a gold player.
"The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes."

I think you probably need to work on your droning and very basic mechanics. Oftentimes at lower levels, players get too carried away with cute micro and unit compositions, and it leaves them with a low drone count, or not enough larvae, or not enough bases. You're probably too aggressive with your army as well.

You seem like a pretty smart person, but I have a hard time believing that you're putting in an above average level of work to improve at this game. My roommate plays this game maybe once or twice a month, and he is securely in gold league with that level of effort.

What a lot of people don't understand about myself (and probably most other masters players as well) is that at some point in time, we lived this game. I work a job from 9-5 for 5 days a week, that leaves me a lot of time to do other stuff. I choose to play, watch, and talk about starcraft during most of that time. Sure, I go out with friends sometimes, I play golf sometimes, but it all boils down to the fact that I spend more time in the Starcraft world than anything else that I do (other than my job). Thats what it takes to get into master league.

Now that I've reached this level of skill, it's like riding a bike. I can quit for awhile, come back feeling rusty, and still wreck diamond players. The dedication and effort that I put in does not go away. Thus you will see, as more people get introduced into this game (HotS being the prime reason for this), the more difficult it becomes to reach a higher league. Platinum is the top 20% of players iirc. That means you have to be better than 80% of all people who play this game. Even with accounting for natural talent, that's a big investment in time and effort on your part, and I think you're probably underestimating what other people are willing to do.

This is almost exactly what my experience is/was. I graduated right as SC2 released. Took me so long to actually reach masters too since I also have major exams every 6 months that I have to use a lot of my own time to prepare for, so I had annoying stretches where I would get bumped up a level, stop playing, come back, and get crushed over and over. Back in Diamond now because of the ladder changes plus the fact that my last exam was only a short while back and I had to limit my play time by a lot. That said, my win rate isn't too bad and most of my opponents are either current or former masters.

To the OP, post a replay and I guarantee we'll find some things that could use fixing. I remember being stuck for a long time because (and it took someone else to point this out) I stopped droning between 50 and 60 and then often ended games below 50 drones because I never replaced them after making more structures. I felt like I was macroing perfectly because I was keeping my money low, but the fact is I should have had much more money to spend in the first place. It actually took a lot of effort to break that habit and even more to refine my droning in that phase of the game so I didn't die to certain things.
post replays so we can see what is going wrong
See ya!
I've always tried to have a positive attitude about the game and balance, but after getting demoted back to Platinum to start this season and now being unable to even get top 8 plat, I'm getting close to calling it quits as well.
I assumed the following...

High league players play a lot of games, and probably win less than 60% of their games.

Mid league players who quit probably play less games, and mistake 50% to be a terrible w/l record.

Let's test the theory.

TOOL - 53.2%
Nasreth - 53.8%
Hilary - 50%
ICW (another gold player) - 58%

Some of the diamond and master people I checked were below 40% for the season!

Games played

Hilary - 1500
Nasreth - 1800
TOOL - 4500
BurningStarV - 3200
Comadiroma - 2700
ICW (another gold player) - 500
Hydralinsk - 2400

I am at 33% :) but I have taken this for what it is... a fun thing to do. I do play a non-video game to a near pro level and I will tell you that # of games played and an acceptance that you will lose lots of games are pretty essential to building the mindset of being able to be a competitive SC2 player. Losing is a good thing, losing in big tournaments costs you money. This is why you play as much as possible, and review each and every loss.

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