Stability Issues (resolved)

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(solved, my second post)

Crashes occurring later in games. About a 50% chance that a typical match will crash.

Fresh install, tried multiple graphics driver versions (currently testing 13.6 beta 2).

Windows 8 Pro 64 bit
i5-3570k @ 4.5 GHz (stable OC, 24+ hours Prime95 and tons of gaming / application use to verify)
2x Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870s @ stock in Crossfire
8GB DDR3 1600 MHz 9-9-9-24 (verified error free by Memtest86+)
750W OCZ FATAL1TY PSU (minimal capacitor aging)

Temperatures never exceed 68C on the CPU and 70C on the GPUs, both well within safety limits, but about to install some new fans to keep the GPUs even cooler. Regardless, this is not the issue.

Framerate is capped at 60 by RivaTuner and V-sync.

Running at all maximum settings, 1920x1080.

Going to try disabling crossfire next (really hope this doesn't create any graphics bottlenecks, but it's unlikely, I suppose). I will update this thread with my findings. In the meantime, is anyone else experiencing these issues as often as I am?
Why even bother overclocking if SC2 is crashing? I would remove the overclock. Go back to stock speeds and see if yours still having crashes. Overclocking will do nothing for you to stop crashes, only increase the chances of them.
EDIT: Two days crash free since dropping the 13.5 Catalyst drivers in favor of 13.6 beta 2. It would appear there was an issue with SC2 in 13.5 Radeon HD Catalyst Drivers (I was using Windows 8 64 bit). Hopefully anyone having a similar issue will stumble across this. Problem solved, for now.


Like I said, it's stable. Nothing else crashes, SC2 didn't used to crash like this either. The only thing that has changed since then was the game being patched.

A good overclock is not going to be less stable than stock settings if done correctly. I assure you, mine is done correctly.

Why bother with it? Here's some benchmark results I found a while back when I first started this overclock. It is the result of watching a replay of a 2v2 on max CPU settings, 5 times per setting, following the same player movements each time, and finally averaged out.

Stock @ 3.4
- Avg: 107.060 - Min: 38 - Max: 235

Overclocked @ 4.5
- Avg: 126.851 (+18.5%) - Min: 50 (+31.5%) - Max: 280 (+19%)

The biggest reason is the minimum framerate improvement. Raising that floor is very noticeable to me.

Don't get me wrong, your feedback is appreciated, I just don't see that as the issue because everything else is just fine and this issue only popped up recently.

After posting this thread, I made it through three matches with the 13.6 beta 2 CCC drivers with no crashing. I was previously on the 13.5 official release. I'm hoping it wasn't just luck, and that my stability problems are solved. It's too early to call it.

Assuming it doesn't work, I will move on to crossfire next. I do have a bios profile for stock CPU settings that I can try as a last resort, but I have absolutely no reason to believe that is the issue, and plenty of reasons to believe it isn't. I'm also not exactly willing to give up those frames.
Hey I have been having the same issue. I have the same CPU and just got an R9 280x. I was thinking it was my CPU overclock even though like you it was stable when running prime, and anything else for that matter. I have a beta version of catalyst center already version 14.4. I tuned off the overclock on the card, and turned my cpu overclock down a couple multipliers, and it seemed to help, but after hearing this I am thinking it was not my CPU oc at all. I'm thinking it is the GPU especially since I never had an sc2 crash before getting this card, and was overclocking my cpu before. Thanks for the heads up, I have the GPU running at default, hopefully this resolves the issue.

ZodaEX you are the bane of my existence. People like you who say crap like that really piss me off. O you have a question? well allow me to completely ignore your request and suggest irrelevant and obvious solutions. *ralph* that's me throwing up in disgust at your comment. You understand that SC2 is a CPU intensive game and an oc will get you better framerates because of physics right? o you don't and you're just giving non solutions. *rant*.
i have an asus r9 290 dc2 oc 4gb
and started getting crashes in sc2.

everything would just freeze in the middle of a match. seriously can't figure out how to get mine stable.

I did a clean install of amd drivers after using ddu.

i have only used nvidia cards all my life no problems ever and wanted to give amd a chance. i regret it big time.

is it too much to ask for a 300+ dollar gpu to work out of the box with no stability issues? sigh. so many threads online about ppl with r9 series cards getting all kinds of crashes. it's sad really sad.

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