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Could anyone post or link me to some good mech builds vs zerg or protoss? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!
I recommend HTOMario's thread.
I use GosuBuild's 4 hellbat drop and transition into a 2 base, 4 gas production off 3 factories (2T 1R) and 1 starport(R), while taking the 3rd later after its secured with seige.(also assuming I don't get all ined)

10 Supply
12 Barracks
13 Gas#1
16 Orbital, marine
17 Supply

After marine #2 finishes, factory starts & reactor on rax, 2nd gas
CC @400 minerals
After factory finishes, switch off with barracks & start 2 hellions (poke with them to check expo timing)
Armory then starport + reactor on rax again
Start hellbat production
Switch off starport onto the 2nd reactor
2 medevac

Send your drop out and at same time start gas #3-4

Assuming this drop doesnt end the game outright, save the medevacs if not the hellbats.start 2 more factories and use rax to pre build tech labs for them
Take 3rd
Id like to add that the hellbat drop is entirely a preference deal; bombers widow mine marine drop seems more preferred as opener to mech against Z/P.
Thanks gaskal, I like using hellbats :)
There's one terran that's known especially for mech play, and if you're a mech-solves-all kinda guy, Goody's your man to watch. Here's a very comprehensive guide as to how he plays his TvP into lategame; where he trades all his tanks to free up supply for heavily upgraded thors.


Just last week BeastQT set up a great tank-hellbat-viking contain off 2 bases at the protoss natural (just out of planetary nexus range) that quickly whittled down the protoss.

I play mech and use this in tvt and tvz

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