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So, I've had this game for about two years now, and, I somehow still get creamed by bronze or silver players.

Part of the problem is that I don't play much, due to my low skill level vs. others, and due to the fact that I am generally unable to just sit down and play for long stretches of time because I must stop for every day things.

Are there any videos, or tutorials, or guides, or tips you recommend using, because I'd honestly like to become better at this game, simply as a matter of better myself, if only in an inconsequential way.

If you have any advice, please, do tell.

P.S.The other problem is that I suck at theory crafting, remembering build orders, and multitasking. If I were to practice, those problems would probably disappear, but any tips on how to improve, along with practice more, would be appreciated.
Theres a lot of helpful stickied threads that should certainly carry you out of silver.

Otherwise; I find that watching streams on twitch.tv greatly improve your mechanics play & multitasking if you're unable to play; especially because you're watching a professional play from a first person perspective. In doing so, you grow smarter about how you engage with your army, what army compositions to use, how to respond to or deal with harassment. Most importantly though, you're able to observe build orders & how to transition out of them (no way past this one, mate).

Notable high lvl terran streams:


Terran players sadly don't stream as much as toss or zergs but theyre always worth watching..plus if you watch on the smartphone app its ad free!
Thank you very much Gaskal. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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