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I've always had this problem, but only recently figured out how it works:
When I'm trying to cast spells near my opponents units, sometimes only the first spell goes off.

This is a huge problem, for example, when I EMP some high templar and then go back to microing my MMM, only to discover moments later than only one EMP went off instead of the blanket I ordered.

I'll note here that I quickly cast spells by first selecting my spellcaster, then holding down the hotkey for the spell while I click my targets. Also, I have this problem with ALL spellcasters.

What seems to be happening is after my first click, which successfully casts a spell. If I click too soon and hold down the mouse button for too long, the click opens a drag selection box instead of casting a spell that second spell. If I release the mouse on top of an enemy unit, instead of casting the spell, that unit will be selected, my spellcasters will be unselected, and the third, fourth, etc. spells wont happen either.

It works fine unless the clicks are fast. Literally the exact same keystrokes can either produces this effect or not, which is why it took me so long to figure out.

I found a number of workarounds, but all of them have intolerable side effects. I've tried rebinding "select" or "choose spell target" from the mouse to something else, disable enemy unit selection, re-pressing the spell hotkey between each cast instead of holding it down, using shift to queue up spells, and consciously using spells more slowly. All of these are either too slow or hinder my gameplay somewhere else.

Is this a bug? A mouse problem? Or another manifestation of my poor mechanics? Has this happened to anyone else?

-a single ant
either the ghosts are dying before they can cast or

you issued a new command while they were going up to EMP... like a move attack to your entire army if the protoss decided to make a move... this is a major issue for players who do not hotkey their casters seperately

other than that, no ideas
Easiest way is just to not hold down the button. Just press E click E click E click. I garuntee it will work 100% of the time.
I think its just the ghosts, I never have problems with forcefields, feedback, storm, and viper/infestor spells.

Its just the ghosts have a delay before casting them and casting spells don't have priority in movement over your MM force shooting so sometimes your ghosts just kinda get stuck and then fail to cast anything as they cant wade and push aside your MM force to get close enough (all of the range of the ghosts spells got nerfed remember too).

I mostly found it just helps to pre-split ghosts before A move in, but its also impossible to split bio and micro ghosts at the same time, so usually just send ghosts in and do w/e you can before you do anything with your main force.

Yeah you will lose like 1k/1k worth of units and if you fail its basically GG but that is the way it is.
I have the same problem in this case with force fields. The funny thing is that the accidental drag select only happens to me if i click rather fast after issuing a move command. the first force field allways works the second is a drag select and the third and following work again. Same problem with phoenixes ect.
Im wondering if it could have something to do with my mouse.

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