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Hello guys,

I recently restarted playing Starcraft 2 but encountered a bug which cut short my project. Every time I open Starcraft 2, (note: I do not have Heart of The Swarm & I haven't played in about 2 and a half years), an usual update window. It says updating, but the problems are A) It stays at 0% the whole time B) It will close shortly after with no error message. Things I have noted are that there is no patch description, and that briefly before closing (for about a second or so), ''Applying patch 2 of 24'' will appear.

Now, I have looked on forums and no solution seems to work.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game many, many times.
We don't have an antivirus (Mac).
My updater and agent are up to date.
Our internet connection works perfectly.
I have activated ''Repair'', without success.
I only run Starcraft 2 when it's the only program opened.
I didn't download anything.

Now in case it might help, it used to run perfectly (for about a year then I stopped playing), my computer is Mac OS X 10.5.8 and there's more than 4 Gb of memory unused.

Thanks and if there are any solutions please, tell me.

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