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Bouncing to my feet, I beat Terance to his sword, redirecting him to Alicia;
"Have her take a look at your shoulder, I'll get your blade."
I say, turning my attention to his blade.

Pulling Terance aside, I focus in his shoulder, putting a good bit of effort into healing it;
"There, now you can use that great freaking blade of yours without risk of injury."

I chuckle, rolling the arm and approaching the blade. "I'd have been fine either way."
I snort, and yank the blade free passing it to Terance;
"But this way we'll be sure. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's something I need to grab."
I say clambering off through the rubble. After about a minute of cursing and loud crashes, I make my way back to the group, the mercs heavy mace over my shoulder, at which Alicia shakes her head;
"Really Stef?... ah, never mind..."

I raise an eyebrow and shake my head, chuckling slightly. "You're almost as bad as me. Course, I stopped at this monster." Placing the blade on my back, I beckon towards the hangar. "We need to go. Now."
Cynthia's jaw reformed a tad bit and it was a kind of garbled speech. "Y-u are all a bu--h of f--k a-ses," She said... sleepy now and beat up. "Don- even tou-- me. Alicia... I d--n't --ed healed."

That is when of course that they should probably get the hell out of here before the ceiling you know... collapses and they'll have worse than broken ankles or wrists or etc or whatever the hell they might have just had or will have.
"Agreed. Everyone, on me."
I say heading for the exit to the hanger a fast pace.

Following Stefan with my revolvers in hand, I spot Selena finishing off a pair of soldiers and beckon her to me. She quickly falls in line, the blood on her sai still dripping.
"Delta start the emergency protocol for the systems in Flint's old office. Have it set to go off if anyone steps in there. We don't want anyone getting anything out of there."

"Yes Madam. Protocol cleaning house primed and ready to go."

"Good now get all the droids that are still operational to start barricading all but one entrance hanger then have them set to attack anything that doesn't have a friendly IFF tag."

I start getting the remaining ships the belonged to the students warmed up and ready to go remotely as this was an emergency and I am sure they would appreciate not having to wait for their ships to get ready for flight.

"Droids are now barricading the remaining entrances to all but the north wing as it's halls are still the most structurally sound."

{{All students still in the Academy this is Jessica. Enter the hanger from the north wing as it still has the most stable structure. Your ships are ready to go as soon as you get to them.}}

I quickly pack a few books, I was still in armor and had my mace and pistol still holstered, and make for the hanger through the north wing.

Waiving everyone one into the hangar, I run in just as the roof collapses, thankful we'd made it in time. Nodding to Jessica, I climb up Windseeker's ramp, Selena right behind me.


Ramming my Void blade through another soldier's spine, a bone blade being thrown into another's head. Hearing Jessica over the radio, I blink back to the hangar, helping hold the fort for the remaining students.


ShadowStalker exits warp over a planet with many continents and oceans, with several of the continents containing jungle. Putting it in orbit, I wait, keeping an eye out for pursuers.
Zerak Kel reaches the hangar, some blood flowing from a wound to his arm. He quickly enters Soul Chaser and flees off, not having the strength to fight any more.

Korzis reaches the hangar, his hand on his bleeding hip, and behind him the towering commander charges out.

Spotting Korzis with a tail, I pivot the fighter around and open fire, forcing the man back into the hallway for cover. [Move your @ss!]
Korzis starts forward moving, but soon the Commander comes out again, a shield absorbing the shots from the fighter. He stares at Terance's ship and shakes his head. {Terance, get out of here! I can take care of myself!} Korzis yells. Quickly moving, drawing his rifle. reloading, and aiming it at the advancing Commander, and he fires, but not before the Commander pushes it to the side and backhands Korzis, sending him flying across the hangar.

[Not on your life, buddy!] Firing three quick bursts of heavy rounds, I pick up Terrafirma and use the remote control to open fire with it's guns. [Go to hell, @sswipe!]
Before the commander can take another step, he's knocked flat on his face as my heavy mace hits him in the back of the head before flying back to my hands curtesy of Alicia's powers. With a nod we both sprint for and board our respective ships.
The Commander gets up, diving behind a viking as the blasts hit. "You should listen to your friend." The commander says as he continues on his way to Korzis, who was drawing his sword, ready for a fight. The commander laughs, at this, still walking.

Growling in annoyance, I cut the flow of fire and rotate to fly out. {You better make it out of here alive, Korzis. Your parents already lost one child.} Soaring out of the hangar, I set course for Pilota, a backwater forest planet that only I had the coordinates to. Sending them to Alicia and Stefan, I open a channel. {Radio silence until we get there.} I then close the channel.


I watch the desert planet that Terance had called home for so long dwindle in size as we head into space, eventually entering warp. This wasn't a good thing, the attack.

Cayl and the Lorians all escape in gunships and fighters, heading to Excalibur on the dark side of one of the other moons which then returned to Loria once all of the survivors arrived. Cayl sat on the bridge, a frown on his face. Korzis...Shade...Zaros...Cynthia...get out alive...
As I run into the hanger I see my fellow students fighting the guy who blew Destron into gory bits and I yell out psionically to everyone, "!@#$%^-it run!" before creating a thick crystal wall around him, allowing everyone to make a getaway and I run for my ship and hop in and fly out of the atmosphere before frantically warping to a random planet.
I enter the hanger noting the large man not far from me. I quickly duck behind a few ships as the hangers droids begin to engage the man.

"Delta keep the ship running. Auto target any hostiles with the autocannons and give them a reason to think twice about trying to get into the hanger." I exit my ship heading towards Korzis as I thought he wasn't in any condition to keep fighting with out help.
Several of the droids charge towards the man without any signs of stopping.
The commander pounds his fast against the crystal wall several times, it shatter on the fourth blow. He charges Korzis, ignoring the turrets impacting his armour and shielding. Korzis slashes at him, and he grabs the blade in the middle of the slash, then grabs Korzis by head holding him up to his face. "You are a silly boy, and I am a reckless man who will stop at nothing to secure my prize." He stares at Korzis and throws him to the ground before pulling out his pistol and firing at the droids. A shot rings out, one of a high powered rifle, along with a hole in the commander's gut. "What in the hell?" He looks up to see a white Ghost with red optic units.

The ghost utters a couple words. "I found this in the hallway. Was wondering if it would be a good gun. Turns out is! Too I can't supply it with more ammo..." It was Brian. When the Commander finally comes to his decision to shoot at Brian, another shot rings out, tearing through the Commander's forearm, with a curse coming out as he drops the pistol. He growls and charges towards Brian, knocking droids out of the way as he runs, he leaps, another bullet ripping through his gut as he comes down. Brian moves from under the giant shadow quickly, just in time to not get crushed. He looks at the rifle.

"You only have one more shot left. I know, I designed the rifle." The Commander steps forward, his fist pulled back, and he throws it forward, swiping over Brian's head. Brian comes up closer, and aims it at the Commander's head, and fires. Nothing happens with the exception of a very loud sound. He had missed, the Commander had side stepped the second earlier, and smacks Brian on the back, sending him across the hangar, and slowly the Ghost gets up, shaking his head.

"F*ck, that hurt." He looks at the Commander. "Korzis, umm, what do you say we just run? My Wraith is just right there..."
This looks fun! Maybe i can join sometime <(^^)>

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