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Hoping that Cynthia wouldn't mind I get in her wraith and tuck her securely behind the pilot seat before getting in it myself. "How are ya doing Cynthia?" I ask as I bring her ship up and out of the hangar activating the cloaking system after we were in open air.

OOC: eh don't really remember if Cynthia had just a wraith or not so ... correct me if I'm wrong also will be busy from 9-11 my time.
Morph, it's a Banshee/Valkyrie Mix if I believe so.

IC: Cynthia gave him the fing-... er... or what appeared to be a finger. "Blown to bits and healing slowly... other than that I feel like a million credits. You?"
This looks fun! Maybe i can join sometime <(^^)>
OOC: Feel free to join whenever you like, the app sheet is on the front page of the thread. After you create a character, the DMs will have to approve you and then RP in your arrival (it'll be interesting to see how they do that now that the Academy is destroyed).


My turn takes the Ascension out of the path of the capital ship's shots, buying enough time to warp out again. The Ascension vanishes, appearing in orbit around one of the other planets in this system; one with a mostly tropical climate.

Having found a suitable location to warp to, I press a button on the control panel to begin the jump sequence. A hum goes through the ship as the landing gear deploys. Oops. Nothing else here that would be the warp drive either... must not be warp capable. I sigh, and then put the engines to low power so as not to give off too strong a thermal signature, flying low along the bottom of the canyon. I would get as far away from the Consortium ships as possible, and then make a break for it into orbit. Then again... I look up into the sky, the battle still raging fiercely there. I watch as one of the Consortium ships breaks in half, the two parts falling slowly to the ground.

Then again, I do still need a proper ship. And if I die, I would be able to get back out of this place. Synthis, my old boss and the head of the IATM, had a policy that if he considered any of his employees to have been sufficiently important to the IATM's development, he would revive them as whatever form of Celestial they chose. I had picked a wraith, and since I would end up getting revived back at Skycastle instead of where I died, there was really no reason not to take risks here.

That in mind, I put the engines to full, and begin a slow climb, the dropship's engines rumbling as they strained for altitude. The Consortium still thinks I'm one of theirs for the time being, hopefully that will last long enough for me to do this, I think as I angle the dropship toward one of the Consortium frigates.
Alright, I'm going to join back in, since I have some ideas for characters.

Name: Brittan Garland
Age: 30 (Appears)
Unit Mix: Marauder/Spectre/Reaper
Abilities: Sub-Dermal Implants (Passive): Increases Brittan’s Armor and physical strength without reducing her speed. (No armor type, physical strength is close to a Marine in CMC-Armor)
Acidic Trap: Throws a sticky grenade which cloaks after being thrown. It scans the surrounding area, and then sprays any detected targets with acid, which reduces armor and deals a small amount of damage over time.
Used Weapons: Voltric Hand Cannon, Voltric Hand Cannon[Alternate fire], Gauntlets
Special Notes: Wears a mask. Quiet and easy-going, very good with machines and often carries hand-tools on her for various occasions. Can hack and lock-pick doors, along with consoles. No psionic capabilities, and is capable of hiding thoughts from telepaths, although this is not perfect, and some thoughts could be read.
>>Diamondback/Siege Tank>>Viking/Banshee

Name: Tara ‘Sweet’ Mattock
Age: 19 (Appears)
Unit Mix: Reaper/Marauder
Abilities: Lock-on: HYDRA locks on to target(s), unleashing a rapid barrage of smart homing missiles. One target means eight missiles are launched, eight targets means one missile per target is launched.
Jump-Jet(Passive): Lets Sweet use her jumpjets to move around and cliff-jump.
Used Weapons: HYDRA Dumbfire Missile Launcher, Dual Pistol-Shotguns, Knife
Special Notes: Childish and hyper. Large gauntlet on her left hand, which helps her deal with the recoil of the HYDRA. Doodles and stickers are present on the armor and gauntlets, and she has been known to add doodles and stickers to almost anything she finds. No psioinc capabilities, and is able to hide her thoughts from telepaths, although this is not perfect, and some thoughts could be read.

Weapon Note:
Voltric Hand Cannon: Non-ballistic weapon that fires a high-power beam at a target, which can’t be deflected.
Alternate fire mode fires an electric homing orb at a target. The orb has enough of a current to bypass insulators, and stuns whatever it hits.

I chuckle. "I'm fine ... glad your feeling good." I say half joking yet completely sincere. I fire up the warp drive and jump out of the system heading towards unclaimed space.
Looks good, Jester. I assume CR and SF saw them already?
Yes, they have.
OOC: Now how to arrive at the Academy now that there is no Academy to arrive at...
Already spoke with SF and CR about it.
Booting up my viking, I lock onto the Commander and grin. Four heavy multi-purpose missiles streak away from my ship and slam into the Commander, sending him flying;
{Good thing I modded my missiles for ground to ground combat... Korzis! get the hell out of here!}
I shout via my ships loudspeakers before rocketing out of the hanger after Stef as we head for the coordinates that Terance had passed us.
"Yep... No let's just worry about getting out of here. Someone sooner or later will give us new coordinates. On the meantime... we'll stay low," said Cynthia while stretching and cracking her neck and jaw. "Damn that hurts..."
Two ships warp into the system, but keep their distance from the ships that surrounded the Academy. Both pilots chatted to one another while they figured out where those who inhabited the planet.

{{Well, this is where she told us to go, but...... well, looks like they had guests. And they weren't happy.}}

Both ships drifted slowly, heading around the ships while they kept an eye out for ships.

{{Got something! One, two, three ships moving away from the planet. Moving fast.}}

Both ships flare to life, and race after one of the ships [Cynthia/Jake], warping after them
Korzis pushes up to his feet and picks up his sword, following Brian to the Wraith that belonged to his uncle, and as the door is closing a bullet streaks through and slices across Brian's shoulder, damaging the armour there, but not drawing blood. The White Ghost runs to the cockpit, quickly booting it up and blasting the Wraith out of there, and setting it to Cloak and an auto-pilot course, he goes over to Korzis and checks on him. "That's the most unselfish thing you've done..." His nephew comments.

"Most unselfish thing you've seen or heard of me doing... Not that it happens a lot..." Brian looks at Korzis's hip, and cringes. He would make a full recovery, but it would be long and painful. He was lucky it had been a bit farther in, otherwise it would have pierced the kidney. Brian quickly grabs a bandage and duct tape, placing the bandage over the wound, and duct taping it down. "There we go."

Korzis gets up and walks over to a seat, and sets himself down. "Why'd you decide to try and save my @ss at the risk of yours?"

"Because, either way I would die a long painful death, and I'd prefer a complete stranger doing that than Zaros." Brian replies, entering another room, emerging soon with a rifle, and he gives it to Korzis.

"What's this?" Korzis asks.

"A C-12 Canister Rifle. Or a modified C-10 Canister rifle if you prefer." Brian replies. "Everyone needs a gun, and rifles are pretty damn good, even up close they do well, where as at range pistols and shotguns, not really. This thing packs a bigger punch, has a greater range, and a couple more shots per clip." Brian states.

"Th-thanks..." Completely surprised by his uncle's actions.

Zaros emerges from the doorway to the hangar, his body covered in blood, his eyes wild. He leaps down, quickly sprinting for the closest ship, which was the dropship the Solaris Commander was gonna take back up the Capital ship. As he gets in he closes up the doors and kills the people inside with a few quick swipes. He enters the cockpit, lays low for a bit, and rockets off to the next closest planet to the solar system's star., which was a pain in the !@# due to the lack of warp capabilities, but the speed definitely made up for it. At most it would only take a couple days.
"OK already dealing with the stay low ... how's a nice beach side on a temperate planet that no one else knows or at least cares about?" I grimace as I note the two ships coming after 'ours'. "Damn looks like we got two unknown craft following us but they don't read as Consortium ... wonder who is following us."
Jen: As I move my ship into the atmosphereof the planet I take a look at it. The first thing I notice is caves, tons of caves in the ground that most likely lead into a monstrous cave system, infact one of these holes was so large a Capital ship could easily enter into it. I also saw what appeared to be plants though nothing the size of trees and the sort but rather what appeared to be something like grass. After flying around a bit I eventually find a nice cave to put my ship down in as a storm appeared to be brewing and from what sensors I could read told me the rainwater is extremely acidic and I would want to be able to power down the shields and be able to get out of my ship so as gently as I could I set the ship down.
Approaching the Consortium frigate, I angle the dropship toward the larger ship's docking bay. I open a channel to the frigate, sending over a message in Morse code, something I had read about since arriving at the Academy.

{(Comms down. Sustained significant damage. Requesting docking permission.)}
Blasting out past the Consortium ships, Alicia and I lock onto the coordinates Terance had given us and make the warp jump.
I enter my ship and take off heading for the coordinates that I was given.

I return to my ship quickly and breaking into the atmosphere quickly.
{{Everyone make it out ok?}}
OOC: well then, seems i missed quite a bit XD

IC: I was on the move towards the hangar bay, knowing that i most likely wouldn't be able to take a single soldier in one-on-one combat. instead, i relied on my psionic capabilities and the zergling's agility to escape.

I round a corner and see two soldiers, backs turned to me. I decide to try my luck with a mind control on the left one; who seemed to be wielding a plasma rifle of some sort, it would tear through the zergling without much effort. He would do. I focus a link between our minds and attempt to establish control over him. I focus on the other soldier at the same time, he was wielding a single pistol, a big one at that, with an extended magazine and an activatable silencer. I focus and land a psi storm inside his head. Gooey.

OOC2: i am at the mercy of the DMs on whether anything works :3
I drop the ship out of warp above a small blue green marble orbiting a young yellow star. "We're here." I say as I angle the ship towards a beach on the eastern side of the largest continent.

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