I was called a Noob for walling with

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Engineering bays. I don't get it. its was that 4 v 4 map with the lava. my base was my own I don't understand it. Was the enemy mad cuz the engineering bays had 850 health and he couldn't get past them with my tanks blasting him?
Walling with a engineering bay is rather noobish unless its like a 1v1 mid-late game and you are going mech so you want a strong wall for tanks or something.

But if he probably shouldnt be talking if he couldnt break that
I played a TvT where I walled in and stopped a marine-SCV all-in. This is precisely why I wall in! :-)
Walling in vs anything but Z is generally not great or coin flippy. Sure you'll hold the occasional cheese with a wall in but you could do that anyways without one.
I wall-in pretty much every game just to deny scouting as much as possible.

Sure there's ways around it (reapers, overlords etc.) but I like to be sneaky :3
Depends if you walled in your main or your natural with the Engi-Bays. If it was your main, I agree, that was a bit noobish. That's because a Barracks has more health than an Engi-Bay as well as being able to lift off. So typically you have a wall in of 2 Depots and a Barracks in your main. If it was your natural, it would be fine. That's because you don't really want your barracks at the front and instead you put your Engi-Bays there to wall of sooner. So I don't know if it was correct for your opponent to call you a noob for it, but it sounds like he was just mad :).

In response to the people who say it isn't a good idea to wall in vs anything but Zerg: there are certain timings in the early game that can outright kill you in TvP and TvT if you don't have a wall off. A notable one is the proxy 10 gate zealot/stalker/stalker/msc rush. Another would be any kind of cheese. In TvT, proxy 2 rax or marine/SCV all in could kill you early game as well as standard reactor hellion timings running up your ramp.. It is also a good idea to wall off your natural to be safe vs ForGG style mass hellion if you are going Hellbat drops.

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