Any good TvT Builds going around?

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Been doing some TvT's and realizing I'm still totally winging it from the start of HotS.

Anyone been seeing any popular TvT builds that have been doing pretty great? Macro or Micro heavy, whichever, maybe a "Pro" build that has been used to some great effect?

I'm not really in the loop, and have been hitting some nasty TvT's 0_o
I proxy Marauder into Hellion/Banshee, really easy wins.
10 rax 13 gas either reaper or reactor 1st on rax (reactor for marine pressure with 1 scv or reaper for obv reasons)
fact @ 100 gas
cc @ 400 minerals
armory and second gas - move factory to RC and make a few hellions
starport and 2nd RC on rax
make 4 hellbats while 1st 2 medivacs pop and double hellbat drop.

Transition into 5 facts (3 TL 2 RC) and use superior positioning to crush your enemy. GG

if that's too complicated you can always be one of those horrible terrans who just 2 rax reaper every tvt
like cheese builds or proper macro?

with cheese there are all the proxy ones

thor - can be drop or repair rush

with proper macro, there are 2 main army compositions

bio - marine/tank or MMM
mech - hellbat/tank/viking

atm, i would say mech is more dominant but bio works fine as well
I do a 5 marine 1 widow mine expansion push, it sounds silly but you do the normal terran opening with 13

gas and constant produce scvs and marines, at 100 gasget a factory and make 1 widow mine and you

should have a total of 5 marines when the widow mine is done. just push out to his ramp and do as much

damage as you can, you can catch people rushing hell bats off guard really well because they usually go

reactor factory by the time you get there. You put an expansion down as you move out with the army and

transition into bio or into mech, I prefer mech in tvt, but it is purely preference
06/27/2013 01:06 AMPosted by Gaskal

you can find the counter measures for this build (which is basically the turret + bunker in mineral line but i suppose there is more than that to coming out ahead in that)

if you can hold it off, its pretty much counter and win

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