Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 26)

Joeyray's Bar
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I disappear and come out from behind the counter with a water gun, and many tanks are on my back. In addition all the Mind Shredder is gone.
I seriously doubt that we will run out of alcohol. This Bar was, after all, built by Thundercrash, who knew it would have to deal with high level consumers, including insectoids the size of a large tank.
I phase SF out, with the tanks and gun dropping to the floor. I pick them up and set them back where they were. I phase SF back in, and drop-kick him to his seat.
I don't know, SF... hmm... I was thinking maybe we could make them cousins ? I don't know.
I sip my Blue Thunder and chuckle. "Surprised no one called Superman wannabe when I said Injustice."
"My first thought went to Batman and Nightwing, and then Cyborg. No one else, though.

"And maybe. I was simply curious about that remaining. I don't really care too much either way."
Zarkun... there are a lot of people in Injustice...

And also...

*tackles Zarkun and takes his drink as homemade drinks aren't allowed* 3:<

*Zarkun was sent to the roaches and there was not way out, not at all, that's right*
Blue Thunder? That's practically plagiarism.
I really have no idea SF since as Ghost... no one would know her... Also, we need a timeline to start out with so we can easily focus on how certain characters will behave... since you know. It'll be more like organization just so we know... would these three be born around Confederate times and still during Confederate or Confederate turned Dominion?
I kick off CR befor he gets my drink and finish it in one gulp. "Zanon's never complained. Also, it's actually Deathstroke inspired."
"Eh, sure. It could be possible that the three of 'em all ended up as Ghosts. Perhaps a year that would have made them teenagers at the time the Dominion came, so maybe just became Ghosts. We shall move this conversation to DA."
So far it seems hard to come up with a couple of ideas yet it could be worth it. I already discussed a few ideas with Jester of course.
I have a few possible ideas ... and I am going to bring Jake back but completely human ... whether he stays that way or not depends on what happens in the rps.
Zack will return, still a Ghost, but with possibly a whole new ability set. Jared will definitely be back, and the Entity will see some revision.
"I will be keeping Athazual, but as for the others, only time will tell."
I can even connect to the website of DA. Did you guys get my last message?
I didn't CR.
Rave, Zack and Jared are the only for sure keepers at this time. Then I have my new people, each with inspiration from different games. Yes, including Metroid, though those finer details are sorta tricky, so I'll get back to you on that one.

Edit- Jake is a for sure too, with a large overhaul, though...could we keep the first Outbreak as canon?

Double edit- So the first new character is done. Should be interesting to see what words in his backstory get blocked by Blizzard. I can guess at least one or two. I'll start on the Metroid one tomorrow. I dare bring an AC into it again? Maybe later...I still need to decide on whether or not I'm going to do a Blood Letter again...certainly going to use a Darksider's Death inspired character regardless...
Zarkun, some kind of heavily modified AC could lead into some kind of form of AC once you begin to think about it. With the right tools and parts you could modify them ever so much or slightly to achieve your goal.

07/05/2013 11:39 PMPosted by Zarkun
though...could we keep the first Outbreak as canon?
Hmm... It's possible once you think about it since we didn't really go off track... maybe just tweak up a couple of things in there. Other than that... that could work out.

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