How to counter terran wall-in as zerg?

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I recently played a match and they had supply depot wall-in, with siege tanks behind it(a lot) and a whole bunch of marines and anti air turrets. how do i counter this.
Take as many bases as you can while they are hiding away in their one (or two, depending on where the wall is.) This is a very basic tactic of Terran. You'll face it every game against them.
the thing is, he expands early as well
As long as you're 1 (or more, if you can do so safely) bases up on him, you'll be fine. Just be patient, build up your economy/tech, and a good enough army if/when he moves out.

If he never leaves his base, Broodlords and/or swarmhosts will eventually break them down. Just takes awhile to get the tech.

You can add in vipers as well if you need to, for blidning cloud/abduct.
Basic ideas for any SC game:

"If he expands, attack.
If he defends, expand.
If he attacks, defend." - Artosis

So, in this cause you are saying he expands early. Probably before you have any units to attack with. We know that it takes time and resources for him to expand and won't be attacking too soon. This means you can get another base as well.

Typically, you want to be one base ahead of Terran. This means you expand early, even if he is on one base. Then, if he expands early as well, you get a second expansion (Your third base).

Macro and build units. Kill his army when he moves out. Don't let him get off 2 bases.

This is a very rough game plan that should work in Bronze.
Tamer has a point, but don't get too focused on Units at low levels. Practice on your game plan and your mechanics. (Mechanics being your ability to control your army well, focusing on your minimap for vision, using hotkeys, and playing quickly.)
k thanks, i tried it and it actually worked. thanks to all of you.

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