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I captured one of the most beautiful Idra rage moments here, vs demuslim yesterday on stream. Just wanted to share, folks :D

One widow mine = 30 lings
'What hes doing is objectovely wrong'
- Loses a hatchery to a dropship full of marines

'He just keeps trading these units'
-loses 5 mutas from two dropships worth of marines

'Luckily for me hes stupid and is moving out to the center of the map'
-Being baited into chasing a bunch of marines to the 4th through a minefield

'This game is ****ing stupid, **** this game'
-half his army dies to a handful of widow mines

i dont know if IdrA does this on purpose now for for entertainment

really, he still plays like its WoL

he makes mistakes even i don't see at my level, zergs i run into at least don't throw away units so easily

saw him pay terran and loose to zergs playing the new style too

gets kicked from EG... probably wouldn't be so pissy if he were winning more often


maybe someone is trying to tell him something :P
Does it seem to anyone else when watching that game and others that he plays that he suffers from 1A syndrome just a bit? Engagement after engagement I see him swarm with every single unit in a clump, no leading zergling packs to bait shots, no six-way surrounds, all lings coming to where he thinks the drop is going... it's just all one massive ball that Widow Mines eat for breakfast.
That looked like a fairly late game TvZ in which case where the sweet hell were his Ultras or Vipers? Unless you get a good surround (which he never did vs the main army) lings and mutas aren't going to cut it against WM - I can only imagine what Idra must think of Hellbats, rofl.

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