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Hi - I have a problem that i think might be a bug in the editor / publishing process. If this is the wrong place for this please move this post!

When i try to publish my map for the first time i get a dependency issue with SwarmStoryUtil.SC2Mod.

For some reason this file is being used and i cant remove it from the dependency list without causing the editor to throw a ton of dependency errors at me.

This issue is very strange since this file is a part of HOTS and not a custom mod ??

please help!

I really need some help here guys.. ill try again :)

my single player map:

When i try to publish it it looks like this:

When i go to dependencies it looks like this:

clearly the problem is the SwarmStoryUtil.SC2Mod. but i have no clue why!

if i try to remove it from dependencies it wont allow it and throws this:

Help would be much appreciated!

(also is it possible for me to post pictures instead of urls ? :O)

- i really need some help here :/


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