SC2 Customs and Arcade breaks internet.

Technical Support
Everytime I try to play something in the arcade, I'm able to play for 5-10 mins then my internet basically dies. I'm on wireless on windows 7. What happens is I get the "no connection" yellow exclamation point on my wireless internet icon, after about 10 minutes of playing. My roommate who is also on wireless running off the same router doesn't get affected by this. But my internet does not start working again until I go and manually reboot the router.

Other Notes
    Custom games cause this too, but it seems like after a longer amount of time.
    The matchmaking system for ranked works fine, no issues.
    This does not happen with any other games.
Faermar, I'd check your wireless adapter drivers first, to be sure they're up to date.

Then I'd check the router's firmware and see if it is up to date as well.
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Yes and Yes. Still happening.
What's the make and model of the router?
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It's an older Linksys router, no clue model.
Linksys shows how to find out here.
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