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so I just played a TvZ, the zerg went infestor bl corrupter with swarm hosts, everytime I tried to engage I got chain fungalled neural parasited and raped by corrupters... how the !@#$ are you supposed to do anything against that %^-*? seriously, while microing PDD and HS missiles and then chain casting yamato cannon, it is impossible to dodge fungal and snipe the neural parasiting infestors... while the swarmhosts free locusts %@%!*#*# your base.... how the !@#$ can you deal with that? please someone tell me.... that's just %^-*ing ridiculous seriously. short of switching to nuke massing ghosts and nuking the entire !@#$ing map I have no idea what I could have done....
zerg has way too much cheap !@# $%^-, at least protoss has to pay for interceptors... zerg gets 2 units with unlimited free *!@#ing units that are impossible to deal with. Seriously blizzard... I thot BC raven was OP but $%^-ing swarmhost corrupter BL with infestors is just *!@#ing GAME BREAKING
post replay
tbh, since zerg are going BC by default against terran

never really safe to build BCs against zerg unless you can already overpower him with your existing forces

BC rush is kind of funny if youre crazy enough to do it
The background of the forums currently describe well what it happening atm.
Use auto turrets with range upgrade, the infestors get in range and die.
No, this is a stupid suggestion.

There's nothing wrong with NP, it already had its range nerfed over a year ago.

Try building more ghosts to quickly snipe or EMP them.
Don't build BC? I've rarely seen them used effectively.
Man when I play as zerg I WRECK terran
Sounds like you were careless.

BC's do neglibable damage to each-other.
So NP isn't a problem if you can protect them from Corruptors.

In TvZ Battlecruisers are made to fight off mutalisks and counter-attack
06/27/2013 10:49 AMPosted by LtAscott
the zerg went infestor bl corrupter with swarm hosts

Why would you go Battlecruisers against that composition?
That's just stupid
Only get a few bc's to soak the damage while your marines and vikings kill the corruptors. With Bc's on the field they will be forced to keep corruptors and not get broods. Also Swarm hosts are easy. If you saw 14 seige tanks would you engage? If not then don't engage 14 swarm hosts. Just attack somewhere else, they can only go so far with locusts before they die.
F**k yeah Polt!!

Solution: seeker missile all the infestors.
Ravens > BattleCruisers
No, they shouldn't do that at all. It sounds like your positioning sucks and so does your macro.
You should use BC vs Zerg ONLY if you see Ultralisk. Otherwise, use Ravens.
Np is fine, if anything its a little up, no need to nerf it more
Ravens beat infestor, bl, corrupter anyway
Don't go BC is your best option. Stick with bio mine like a good little terran boy. But what your'e asking for is to butt!@#$ the infestor even more than it's already been. It's uncommon to see somebody even make an infestor, much less actually pay for the upgrade that assures they get killed.
06/30/2013 05:45 PMPosted by WorkHorse
Ravens > BattleCruisers

06/30/2013 04:37 PMPosted by Gaskal
Solution: seeker missile all the infestors.

seeker missile his everything

usually my late game option vs zerg in order to use 4+ bases worth of gas on ravens lol
Why the f* you was doing BCs vs zerg?

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