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I was analyzing the different zerg units it terms of dps, supply cost, speed and range and also which upgrades benefit from And it's left me a little confused. So I would like to discuss different unit compositions, how to get them out safely, and when they are good composition.

Zerglings, Hydralisks, Swarm Hosts and Ultralisks have some of the highest dps in the zerg army. and all but the swarmhost is fairly highly mobile. Zerglings tank non AOE damage very well and Ultras tank AOE damage very well, and all 3 units can attack at the same time. I think if I were in a situation where Ultralisks seemed the better Hive Tech and it was time to transition, I feel like it would be strongest in this composition. Especially if you engage on creep. Do you guys think there is a better unit composition for the Ultralisk? I'm sure a couple infestors and maybe vipers couldn't hurt. maybe some bainlings?

Another composition that I find works fairly well in most situations is going mass roach for a nice 2/2 tying attack with max around 12 minutes, unless you see air, then mixing in hydraslisks and eventually teching to brood lords. And I'm sure infestors and vipers would go quite wel here too. Maybe some lings and bainlings but roach hydra brood lord would be pretty good if ling hydra was just too fragile and your opponents army wasn't as mobile.

And of course there is always muta ling baneling, which TLO has proven can work against anything if you are good enough with it. But should you just try to win the game with it? Is it all in in that sense? or is there a god way to transition out of it into hive tech? and if so which path do you choose? Ling ultra since you already have the upgrades? because I don't think Broods would be god without roach hydra and you don't have the upgrades for that.

These are just a few of the common compositions I can think of, I know there are good swarm host builds but I feel like that is far too weak to anyone who exploits you immobility. IMO
You want to blindly build a composition?

Roach hydra with festor/viper support is probably the only thing that is somewhat viable over all MUs.
By the time you wrote that article you could've moved out of bronze.
Hydras are mobile? Weird. News to me.
Jesus Christ half this stuff is either REALLY badly thought out or has been thought of 2 years ago or earlier. Do a little reading then go skyrocket out of Bronze. Btw, the 11 minute max is not just roaches. There's a GREAT deal of speedlings and you won't have 2/2 by then.

Lemme try what you did.

Yknow what's a good unit comp? An equal mix of every unit in the Zerg arsenal. Because that's almost exactly what you said.

P.S. Ling Baneling Muta isn't good vs "any comp as TLO has proven." That unit comp is meant almost exclusively for heavy bio play because of the mobility. It is a VERY frail unit comp and it will DIE to mech or any heavy slow protoss deathball.

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