GiVe BaCk ZeRg OvErLoRd DeTeCt

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Whoa, it's like 1994 AOL up in here.
iT oNlY dOeS iT wItH aN eVeN wOrDeD sEnTeNcE
i sure would like overlord detect, even though it would make zvz a pain, no way to hide infestors then.

sure, zerg were the most "detectoriffic" race in bw, but terran has scanner sweeps, and toss has a cloaked detector.

nothing sucks more then moving out with a ground based army and getting shredded by dt's/wm's.

overseers are OK, but i really want to be able to spend my gas elsewhere. zerg are gas starved enough as is.
06/28/2013 07:54 PMPosted by Source
Whoa, it's like 1994 AOL up in here.

This :D
Hydras need to be 75 minerals and 25 gas
I think I'd rather get the sight upgrade back from bw. Yes I know the range is integrated now, but I want another upgrade for even larger scouting range. Maybe 100/100 at the hatches like the other upgrades.
06/28/2013 07:53 PMPosted by Nasreth
I tHiNk ThAt WoUlD bE aN uNnEcEsSaRy BuFf.

I wOuLd LiKe To SeE tHe AnTeNnA uPgRaDe ReTuRn FrOm BrOoD wAr.
I once lost a game when my opponent was going DT. I was like, it's K, I have overlords.
ThAt WoUlD bE sO oP, iT's NoT eVeN fUnNy.

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