ultralisk and mass queen.

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So I was playing on the ladder today and I saw a rather odd strategy. ultralisk and mass queen. I must admit I got my butt kicked! So i was wondering why zergs don't do this strategy more often? ultralisks are just massive damage dealing tanks and the queens just hide behind them and continue to heal them
I was using marines medivac and heavy marauder composition.
I watched the replay we were both toe to toe on supply and i was heavy marauder so macro wasn't this issue. Our upgrades were also tied.
Anyone have any ideas what I can do to combat this style?
All help is appreciated thanks guys : )
Queens are slow off creep. Terran only needs to kill the tumors and kite the ultras. Free win
On youtube, I saw 1 ultralisk alone kill an entire mech army with like 40 queens tranfusing the 1 ultralisk so yeah its unbeatable.

But there is a counter, you have to use ghosts to emp the queens so they have no energy, simple as that.
yea all i can say is if you let zerg get that far you're already dead... good news if you fend it off it takes forever to recover all the queens

pretty much if you are going bio you need both a way to deal with ultras (marauder/mine) and a way to deal with queen/infestor (ghosts)
Queens transfusing BLs/Ultras in the midst of battle is an underused tactic, period. However, it takes impeccable multitasking to constantly spread creep so the queens are mobile.

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