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Hi Guys,

I just purchase sc 2 standard edition no problem installing them, but issue occurs when updating the patch i think. It prompt a pop-up dialogue says "Your installation of Starcraft II must be optimized before you can play. This process takes 15-60 minutes and should not be canceled once it begins. Do you wish to proceed?" this problem starts right after click "Begin" and it says "The folder you selected cannot be used. Please select a different folder" gahh so I click "OK" and it doesn't do anything and I can't even do anything to locate different folder or search folder. Can any of you guys help me, would be appreciate thanks!
Hi Phoenix,

Where is StarCraft II installed? Do you have Windows 7 or another version?
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Hi Velnrak,

I locate it by default which is "C://Program Files/Starcraft II". yeah mate mine it's windows 7
Can you try moving the StarCraft II folder to C:\Users\Public ?

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