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Is the worst matchup in the game. Period.

Free medivac speed is the stupidest thing that happened to this game. It's just *)#%@*&%#)*@$%()*#&% stupid that you can't stop drops from happening. You can make 11032840824751820958 turrets and 5093280957203857 vikings, you just can't stop sht from being dropped in your mineral line anymore. Dumbest most broken mechanic ever.
I don't know, stop the drop in another way? I find a single mine and a turret will ruin a medivacs day.
bunker + marines + turret

also if you are a meching player, want to shut it down easy? put a thor in your mineral line (its the same tech too lol)

filterSC has a vid on youtube on how to stop drops entirely, especially hellbats


other than that i suppose its your own map awareness, if you use vikings you need to patrol a bit outside your base in possible flight paths so you can do damage ahead of time or kill it on the way out
Get turret range and slightly overlap the rage so only 1 unit can get dropped and everything else dies. Remember, with most drops the medevac is the biggest investment so killing it is key. Eight marines are easy to kill, but eight marines and a medevac will do damage.
I just hate it when it becomes who can macro the most marines and marauders. BF hellions work good against rines but other then just mass tanks (which they can drop on) it just becomes who can hurl a stimmed death ball at one another the fastest.
Drops wars are especially frustrating for me because I don't have the best internet or computer (400ping during the day with an i3 processor on a laptop = :(((( )

It makes a HUGE difference in dropping when you can't click your speeding medivac onto your hellbats because the server doesn't recognize that position as the hellbat's spot anymore because you're lagging....

When I'm at school (with better internet) it feels 10x easier because I can actually do some damage with drops.

TvT has just become extremely unforgiving to anyone with a non super-aggressive skillset and/or great equipment.

06/28/2013 04:21 PMPosted by TaylorSwift
How about we focus on fixing Protoss?? Nope.

Warp Prism buff was a good start, what we need to do now is wait for pros to figure out the best uses and timings of it. Hero and Dear are good players to watch for that sort of thing.

TvT will keep getting better as pros get more adept and predicting and holding off Hellbat drop attacks. Nice thing about Hellbat drops is that they leave you with almost nothing at home if you rush them, so Turrets to shut down the mineral lines lets you counter attack and do substantial damage if your multitasking is up to it.
I've been having some success with the 1/1/1 in TvT in platinum. Cloaked banshees and widow mines can hold drops pretty well, and then banshee harass eat up tanks and SCVs on the other side.

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