Marine rush vs Marine rush?

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Is it possible to defend against a Marine rush if you are building a mass amount of marines? I just keep losing to constant Marine Rushes. Also I was thinking of using a Ghost with a nuke, and nuking them when they hit my ramp is that a good idea?
What? Just go reactor Hellions. Pretty sure 6 min blue flame counters this to !@#$.
If you are losing to marine rushes, you need to build a bunker then repair it with SCVs. Nuking is not a good idea because it will take longer to get a ghost out than it will take to build the marines rushing you. Alternatively, you can build siege tanks and siege them up for defense. A good composition in TvT is a lot of Marines, Siege Tanks, and Medivacs.
bunker or open hellions or hellbats, crap all over unupgraded bio.
As said perviously, bunkers or a tank.

Mass marines alone really isn't a good comp though for any mu really apart from early agression.
bunkers, it takes 10 marines to take down a bunker of 4

if you control if good then also hellions

if his control is bad, then also widow mines


dont think you will have a tank out for a marine rush unless you went gas first/factory rush
Thankyou all for the information

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