Is Medivac boost a really needed addition?

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Medivac boost is completely unnecessary with Terran, Hellbat is not the problem, its hellbats with the medivac boost. Even with standard bio, against all races sometimes sudden chance arise where I can lift my entire 100 supply army in to their main base from their third, and by the time they can get up to their main, I would have an concave ontop of their ramp... It just feels like a sudden free win chance that even in pro play in the Proleague and GSL, we see all the time.

Many Terran players are okay with the slow medivac speed, where drops for us is a distraction to advance our position, or keep harass off our base while we get proper defense or tech switch to deal with the emy.

Medivac boost don't make lategame normal drops do damage really, it just mostly affect the early game where you can harass your way to certain victory.

Blizzard stated that they added many mechanics to prevent the stale macro up to one engagement and game is decided type of play, BUT TERRAN HAS NEVER BEEN SUCH RACE.

TvT WoL, is about as action packed as you get with unit movements, drops to harass bases, and air tech switch potential all game, or you get the 111 where people kill eachother early with banshees, landed vikings, and unsieged siegetanks. Now? just hellbat drops only, and its not going to change, drop is too much a threat for army position and such to matter.

TvZ WoL, now its all about widowmine luck, you either randomly kill 20 banes or kill 10 supply worth of your own army, and people have figured it out, but it is too much control to expect any human to control widow mines right. Don't talk about placement either, with lings running amock, no one can predict how they will shoot. Now its just luck, before it was if you could harass enough and advance your tanks enough to checkmate the zerg, now it just feels like two blind guys swinging sledge hammers at eachother.

TvP WoL, same, terran has to attack all game, we never "waited and macro"

I played and enjoyed watching terran matches because it was action packed, now its all just boosting medivacs and widowmine OHHHH LUCK SHOTS.

It is tripe, cheesey, no skill, and BORING AND LAME, now, I fall alseep at 6pm watching GSL TvT, yesh, sooooo exciting watch Terran hellbat drop each other to half death.
Where no skill and just multitasking luck if your drop work or not.
0 out of 10.

Would not read again. You're really dumb.
What a waste of a thread.
He is correct in that TvX was never a "play passive" game for the vast majority of Terrans. Vs all three races you had to harass somehow to get the lead.

Speedvacs were supposed to keep drops relevant in the lategame when mass static D would shut down the drop before it could do anything at all making the lategame TvX a static dball vs dball that got boring to watch.

So yes, speed is necessary for Terrans and is an improvement to the game.

However, it is really stupid that you get speed for free. You should have to research it from the SP TL or something... it was never a problem for Terrans to drop pre 10m in any MU. Drops were never ever weak in the early game.

The starting speed boost makes dropping the ONLY viable way to play because as long as you micro well there's no risk involved, which is just stupid. Dropping is supposed to be a tactical decision with risk mixed in with rewards - it just doesn't work that way.

I'm tired of building a bunker + 4marines + missile turret + widow mine in each mineral line and still losing 2-3 scvs when a hellbat drop comes in.

I'm tired of TvTs being 70% hellbat drops 20% cheeses and like 10% standard macro games where I get to play with tank positioning, which is what I like to do. (these %s are just from my last 40 games vs T)

It just feels like TvT has gotten way too chaotic now for no real reason other than frustrating Terrans with their own imba-ness :P
its needed because protoss and zerg were too effective to defend. Terran having a weaker mid-late game needs to to do damage to stay on par and be able to hit their ultimate late game. So yes.

btw, didn't read your post because 2 other people said it was bad.

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