Looking for an awesome pro-level TvZ replay

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I want to share some ridiculously pro replays with my friends. I want a replay of the top players in the world dropping multiple bases, splitting marines, doing ridiculous things with banelings, mutalisk harass, everything!

So link away and give a little description!
Anything from the Redbull training grounds. Specifically the finals : Golden vs Sound.


There is the youtube channel. It is full of very well played games.
Thorazain is streaming right now

Epic marine split!

I found this, but I'm still looking for a replay of one TvZ game where they're both on 5+ bases.

Imo this was one of the most exciting games of WCS America. It also has great casting.


ZvT, Suppy vs. Heart.
Dont fool the man.

IMO, the best ever game was game 2 of DIMAGA V MvP WCS 2103.


Game 2 is Mech based T play, and there are some amazing fights. I have to give it to DIMAGA, great Micro/Macro.

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