how to counter banling muta zergling push

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topic says it all against zerg i get gged at 12-13 minutes every time
advice please i play as terran
try opening with cloak banshee hellion fast expand, into mech build, get armory shortly after your first or second banshee pops maybe more however much you feel comfortable with, drop 2 more factories down, and tech lab both of em, get thors. also remember turrets, basically just go mech :p it owns. and if they do so much dmg to you that prevents you moving out before they get vipers just use a @!%*#!!* load if widow mines to protect your army. xD, at least it works well for me..

it is a WoL build but is still good, and is also good to practice since blizz might buff banshees.

OR you can replace all your widow mines that you make with tanks instead and go straight bio..
The mutas under normal conditions pop out shortly after the 10-11 min mark.

If you're fighting muta bane ling as Terran and losing, I'm guessing its because you get overwhelmed and the marines all die to banelings. To have a cost efficient engagement, you need to be able to split your marines so that 1 baneling doesnt wipe out the whole group. Practice the arcade map marine split challenge by griffith. Its the worst possible scenario because the banes have speed and your on creep the whole time, but damn your wrists get sore fast and your splitting improves a lot.

Use mines! At the lower levels most players won't think to juke the mines with forward lings and so youll see like 20 lings get wiped out by one mine. Try to target the banelings with them.. And if theyre investing into mutas theyll need overlord speed and an overseer to avoid the possibility of flying over a minefield and losing every last one.

Never overextend your army on creep! The only way zergs have vision is through overlords (which you can just kill) and creep. Never walk your entire army out across the creep unless the zerg has no army at all. Normally you'd be patient and stim the first few bio units out and drop a scan to clear up creep tumors and set up off the creep.

Remember EngBay upgrades! 2-2 marines with medevac healing barely take damage from lings and even won't get 1 shot by banes anymore.
Mass Marine and have really good splits.
Marine WM is actually the right away to go, maybe mix in a couple Hellbats if there's a lot of zerglings.

It all boils down to positioning really - you need to be able to split your marines vs the banelings (something I'm still struggling with personally) which granted isn't always easy with a horde of speedlings swarming you. The WM can actually compound the problem via friendly fire, but that's why you should really just stim and pull back - do not stutter step as you're just giving the lings more time to surround your marines.

6~8 Hellbats is plenty to demolish a horde of zerglings. They will unfortunately die horribly to mass banelings, but not before cutting a swathe through the speedlings and IMO are way more cost effective despite the weakness to their (bling) attack over Marauders.
The answer is either mines or hellbats.
all in the factory units, hellions, hellbats and mines pretty much make this push pretty weak... should have either a ton of marines or a thor out to help deal with the mutas

im assuming you are going bio so i would also suggest a bunker leap frog thing (bunkers behind bunkers)

siege tanks are not bad as well if you can target fire the banelings (how it was done in WoL)

you should also split any extra units in advance and keep an eye on your front, the zerg will usually morph banelings close to your base
hellbats or possibly mech: thors, hellbats, siege tanks, lings get destroyed by hellbats, mutas just die from thors and blings cant do !@#$ against thors or siege tanks unless they have a million of them
Micro better with 4m or play mech and build hellbat/thor with some tanks and mines as support.
Bunker and Widow mine.

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