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This is just an idea that I thought up of when I was replying to someone in my previous forums and it seems like a really good idea:

What if the functionality of the Nydus Worm improved, so that it could get Zerg units to higher ground/cliffs like stretching out to make a fat Nydus bridge.

The Nydus Worm would have the same function, however it would have the option of stretching out to higher ground.

This is only a suggestion and not because Zerg really needs a buff, but because the Nydus Worm is going extinct in game play.
Not sure what impact it would have on balance, but I do like the idea. Would make for some interesting gameplay. If nothing else, would show nydus worms some love, which I still think is one of the least appreciated units in the game.

I've seen some really phenomenal nydus harassment in various games. It just doesn't happen a lot and the problem is you need a lot map coverage to use it effectively. Without map control, you have no way to use it effectively.

You can't even use it for drops because it takes so long for the nydus to borrow. In most maps with a standard base size, you can kill the nydus by just pulling out workers, before the darn thing actually comes out. So it's just too easy to deny for interesting "drop" play.
Well I think it would open doors to all kinds of play. Even if this could be researched at hive tech, although I think that would be a bit late in the game, but none the less I think it would work as something that wouldn't be as OP as some might think.
probably not good since you can put it outside of a protoss player's base on the low ground and stretch it to the high ground. it would make early game nydus rushes pretty op against FFE builds.

I'm all for buffing the nydus though, keep the brain juice churning on that one!

Not only will it look OP to the protoss but it will force them to go heavy cannon we dont want that!

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