So i saw that some guy wanted BCs...

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to have a self repair ability, and i think it would make BCs pretty much the big beast of a tank they should be so

he suggested it cost minerals, like basically repair but without the scvs needed

i say it should should cost energy (steady activated or on use), maybe require the behemoth reactor upgrade or something


so, what do you think?
BC durability is not an issue. Shared armor with mech, and PDDs make it so the only real counters are voids, marines and perhaps feedback. Giving it better mobility would be nice
BC would still be bad.

the problem is they are slow like flying buildings have no ranged attack cept yamato.

In a battle vs any ranged based army battlecruiser spend 90% of their time moving around and not shooting.
Reduce the attack delay and make it move and shoot like the phoenix.
you just killed tvt
06/27/2013 09:56 PMPosted by Memadbyte
move and shoot like the phoenix.

That be rad
06/27/2013 10:02 PMPosted by EnTaroDHo
you just killed tvt

well not exactly, usually a mass BC player vs not usually means a win

but hard to get to the point of getting a lot of BCs


yea, i think they need something else too

shoot while move should be a given, they are a big ship with lots of turrets... not sure why it needs to stop to move

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