[Suggestion] World Height Trigger Implement

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Hey Blizz Devs,

I was doing some testing in the editor with height maps and noticed something really odd.

When getting the height using the World Height (at ground) it gives you some pretty different numbers than what it seems to actually be? Cliffs seem to slope down and up instead of dropping off.

I thought that might just be the height map for Sc2, but then I did some testing using your Get World Height at Mouse Click X,Y, and found a height map that is different and actually seems to be more fitting for the perceived visual world.

After searching through everything I can't find a way to find heights like these besides the Get World Height at Mouse Click function.

So my suggestion is a simple one, add a function that gives the same height as the mouse counterpart, without having to mouse click and instead can store variables based on a chosen points.

Much Appreciated

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