need a good TvP mech build

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need to increase my tvp winrate

10 depot
12 rax
13 gas
reaper -> cc -> RC on rax -> 2nd depot -> bunker
Factory @ 100 gas -> widow mine then TL to tank.
@ next 100 gas 2nd fact + 2nd gas. get 1st tank then armory.

Your goal is to get 4 factories and 1 SP 1 armory on 2 bases as you set up a 3rd. Your core is 6 facts 1 sp 3 ccs 6 gases.

You aim to keep the reaper alive to scout him. Drop a couple hellbats to harass and double up as scouts.
you go for a 13m push with 6+ siege tanks and 10-18 hellbats.

This will kill many protoss non-all-in openings. Blink stalker gives it some trouble. If you scout that crap get extra bunkers and keep making reactor marines. marine/bunker/siege tank/mine can hold BS all-ins, but you have to position well or you can still lose.
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also look up stuff from HTOMario on youtube or even better if you catch him streaming on twitch


generally, mass factory +1 starport is a given (about 6-7 off 3 base)

opening reactor factory then FE is the quickest way to open mech, takes a while to get used to but you can be aggressive with the first 2 hellions, then use widow mines for defense... i find against oracles protoss just seem to always loose them to mines

you may go more reactors than tech labs for more hellbat and mine production than in other matchups

you may still want vikings against colossus

you dont need ghosts until archons, either with a ton of hellbats or using widow mines/seeker missile to break shields you can deal with immortals

you need to be careful about going mech against a player who stays on stargate tech as opposes to robo, i find they are harder to beat even going to thor/viking

ravens are pretty crucial as well even after they get high templar, just need to be quick and careful about using them, PDD helps a ton early and Seeker combined with EMP is just devastating damage

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