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Level of play is diamond+ so prefer advice from that level or above.

Build is reaper hellion into a 3 rax hellion marine mine push at 10min.

Open to suggestions on build, engagement, anything really.

Finding myself getting shut out by zerg just dropping static D or countering with roaches hard.

I think there were some games or engagements were I just did not split, sometimes comp lag, may just have to work on it or work around it.
Not sure i like the heavy commitment its basically 2 base all in for the TvZ match up it puts your economy and upgrades behind and the push needs to do a ton of damage to work. If your going to do a 2 base push i think MVPs hellbat drop into a marauder hellbat push is much stronger.

I myself do the same opening but prefer to go 3cc and double engi bays behind it and build up with a lot of rax and good upgrades and hit later then you but with a lot more power behind it and you can really out produce zerg its basically the same as innovation.
Thanks will look into the build. Was trying to stay away from 3CC opening due to rising popularity of roach or roach/bane busts
Shameless bump for help needed
1 Failed split, should have won that.

2 Overstimed no anti air vs bl. Get 3 star ports in late game to make ravens (vikings). You can't just go mmm vs everything even if it would be nice.

3 Failed to scout. Put up a bunker earlier to defend against this. Even if you don't scout a roach push its always good. I usually 1 rax fe and a bunker ASAP i can afford.

Try to be on equal or better upgrades than zerg. Have equal bases as zerg. Harass more. Scout.
And you will be master easy, if that is your goal...

BTW your build make sense and are probably good enough. Just get bunker earlier and don't fail micro.

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