Everytime I play ladder I lose connection

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Whenever I play on the ladder I have lost connection a dozen times costing me ladder points. Whenever I play arcade games or unranked games I stay connected without any problems. I was wondering if there is something I am doing that might be causing this or if it is the ladder. Thanks for you time.

-Much respect
Hello Thomas,

Can you post some more information about your connection?

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Thanks for replying so soon!

But I have a netgear wireless connectiong. As for firewalls antivirus and security im sure the firewalls are set but the security may be overdue and not sure this is not a computer that I have bought. As for card model is either the NVIDIA nForce or the Atheros 802.11. The modem is a cable modem not sure the model though. And I do not know that trace route im sorry if im not that helpful. But thanks.

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