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It's been... a long time coming, to say the least.

Most of you will probably not even remember, or even know about, the many times I've toyed around with this idea.

The few who have, I can safely say that I am comfortable enough to finally go through with this.

I would like to draw the 'cast' of the JoeyRays Bar community, as their most 'iconic' character.
I mean this as a general guideline, a starting point, if you will. If you so choose whichever character is your favorite, then so be it. If you don't have an iconic one, or even if you just came up with one, as long as it can be, or will be implemented on these forums, it is valid to me.
And I would like everybody to give me a short physical description of their characters so I'm able to actually draw them.
undergroundbydesign.deviantart.com should provide as a good idea as to the quality that this will be, and WIPs and such will most likely pop up on my tumblr, though they may be lost to an amount of other reblogging and posts, but I digress.

I would like to recommend a 1 character limit, and whether or not these will be simple busts, or headshots... I have yet to determine. But I would like to call all of you to make an input.

I'll try to keep an up to date list of who's completed, who's character is being drawn, etc.
So yeah, comment away. ^^

Naitsrich: Captain Whatshisface Troy Harvard: The sarcastic Battlecruiser captain. Battlecruiser currently, at peak operating capacity, since you're about to bring us to the ground, commander.
Zarkun: Cayl: Needs a bit more detail..? Or are you all leaving me to my creative lisence?
MechaGhidorah, Ghidldrah? I'm going to have trouble spelling. Anyways, Destron the Decepticon Hydralisk
CrymsonRaven: The... twins? Before they were twins..? So... an... impregnated egg that has yet to split..?
LeKroger: Choose something eventually.
Smylez: Razagra: AKA Hybrid "No freaking clue how to draw" Annihilator.
Korozain: Kain, who almost seems like one of the assassins from Dishonored.
Zanon: Aximus, the Immortal with enough Terran weaponry to look like a Chromehound. Four Gauss Rifles, a pair of Goliath Missiles, and some unique plating all over... Hmm... this'll be interesting.
Return, to Serve. http://undergroundbydesign.deviantart.com/art/Aximus-the-Immortal-393009501
ShadowFury: Rak'Nashal AKA the Demon: I'm envisioning something akin to the Dragon Priests in Skyrim at the moment, humanoid forms, but ghastly bodies.
TheLostMorph: Kit, short for kitsune I presume, AKA the only 'furry' I've seen on the forums.
Draconus: Agent Shadow, Still going for the badass cloak.
Owlfeathers: Ceas, whom has a picture reference already. =u=
ThaneKrios: How about... Tonya Devroy? Best of both worlds? *bricked
Jester: Athazual, The Brood Mother with an obsession with Flails.
KnarledOne: Kah-Oh! Mascot, AKA the cybernetic alcoholic roach.
Jake: Hale Carmine, Reaper whom I'm going to give total badass Desert Camo. Yeeeeeeeah =u=
HALE IS FINISHED: http://undergroundbydesign.deviantart.com/art/Hale-Carmine-391725289
Nukester: Jones Commervac: Basically Mr. Badass himself.
HowBabysRBrn/SlnderBurito: Anderung the Changeling.
Ah !@#$... I don't have a most ionic... I actually wanted to make a character from fresh... one where I could truly connect with them... one that was... me in a way...
Oh man........... Destron, Jen, or the Jukalisk. Any suggestions??
The only iconic character I remember is the Captain from the Crash..... Whose name I've forgotten.....

Sad to say, I really can't give you a character. It has been a year now since I've stuck with an RP for a lengthy amount of time.......
CR... trust me, a character that you use like yourself is one of the most fun, in my opinion.
After all, that's what I consider my Changeling to be in the end~
(Also yes, I will have myself in there, oh narcisstic and selfish me)
Um. can't decide between Stefan or Alicia...

Despite how annoying he was, Destron.
Naits, it's wonderful to see you again.
Oh god... I'm literally calling everyone even who hasn't been in an RP...
;u; All the memories... all the good times. It'll be nice seeing you all again.
CR... trust me, a character that you use like yourself is one of the most fun, in my opinion.
After all, that's what I consider my Changeling to be in the end~
(Also yes, I will have myself in there, oh narcisstic and selfish me)
So does that mean you wouldn't be able to get a persona from me since I don't have this "ionic" character that isn't even created?

Nait, just saying, you have excellent timing. :P

Allow me to quickly edit myself to be more clear, as to avoid unnecessary confusion.
Hmmmmm....Would have to be Cayl...let me know when a description is needed.
I dunno bout that Slndr. Ti's a tough choice for me.
Zark, a description right now would be fine. I might be starting these later, dunno. I promised somebody I would voice-act homestuck, but am waiting on their word at the moment. ^^;
Well...he wears golden armor, think less ridiculous medieval knight, ans is about six foot tall, brown hair and eyes, intense and fierce look in the eyes.
. . . >-> This may be more interesting than I thought.


Or a mad scientist would do.
XD Should point out that his armor has lines in it, showing its formed from nanites.
07/03/2013 08:37 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
Naitsrich: Captain Whatshisface: Settling details, first off, what's his name? Nobody knows.

Went back to check the name: Troy Harvard. I never gave him an appearance, just thought of him looking like Hill (since he was my profile pic for a very long time).


I think that brown hair, blue eyes, and a battlecruiser captain outfit would seem best fit.

And make him look like a sarcastic fellow, too. I always thought him as my "jerk" characters.
It's quite obvious for me.


I'll get a description up tomorrow, don't feel like getting into detail with things at 2300...
Hmmm I'm thinking Destro n and the minions will be my pick.
Did you ever go anywhere with that crazy idea for a HS RP?...

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