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"To tell the truth, I would say Korzis is the character that represents me the most by now. But I have someone else in mind. The very symbol I am getting rid of. The being that I brought into true existence during PKA. A being not from the Void, but a dimension similar. Something that wishes for a physical form, but cannot gain one. Rak'nashal. The 'Demon'. The beast unleashed from within. I will be providing his appearance tomorrow night, probably."
Wow. This brings back memories.
And will be very difficult to draw.

Name: Aximus
Nickname: Army of One
Race: Protoss
Unit: Immortal (modified)

Last Personal Log: My name is Aximus, I was once a High Templar... I was wounded in the battle against the overmind on Aiur, I was among the last Dragoons to be made on Aiur. I served in many battles during the brood war and survived to see the upgrade of the Dragoon into the Immortal. I mourned the loss of my ability to destroy mutalisks, and though it is shaming for a protoss to use the technology of terrans, I have added Gassues rifles next to my phase disruptors for smaller targets, as well as air, and acquired the hellfire rockets of the Goliath. The only Protoss addition to my immortal is another immortal shield generator. I am the Army of One. I leave for the planet within the hour. May I die with honor, in defense of the Protoss.


I have survived the cleansing of yet another planet. Since my last log I have added a point to point warp system. I also received repairs from an scv. My armor is far more durable now. The marines in the transport seemed terrified of me, only the specter seemed to be willing to aid me in adding armor to my immortal. I do not wish to be humbled by anything less a marauder if my shields come down because of a ghost. We will see what this new planet brings.


I still live. I held out against the zerg onslaught yet again. I have further added a graviton beam as well as another generator to support it. I look back at my logs and I realize that I have neglected to mention one of my armaments. The Neural-Pulse, it stimulates random synapse activity in specific parts of the body, and renders those hit by it immobilized. It is extremely effective for ending arguments with terrans. I will continue the battle against the zerg.


I have once again entered combat and lived to tell about it. I do not know what happened to the specter who accompanied me to the Xel'naga ship. Perhaps he was slain. I was able to recover several shards of Kadarin Crystal. These will aid me in the creation of psi-storms. There may be more trials yet to come.

En Taro Tassadar
Log ends.

Unit stats:
For the record, Aximus is OP. He is a tank/dps just like an in game immortal.

Life: 225 (due to terran Nano-steel plating)
Armor: 1
Shield 1: 100 (hardened)
Shield armor: 0
Shield 2: 100 (hardened)
Shield armor: 0
Phase Disruptors: 20 +30 vs armored
GaussRifle: 6 *total of 24 because there are 4 on him
**Note that Aximus can only use one ground weapon at a time
HellFire Rockets: 10 *total of 20 because two are fired at once
(I guesstimated the damage of the Hellfire rockets biased on broodwar stats)

Neural-Pulse: 0 *stuns target(s) within arc of fire for 2+ minutes
Movement speed: 2.25
Cargo size 4.

^^^Above data is biased on game guides.

I suppose the Neural Pulse counts.
Psi-storm: but I almost never use it.
Plot Armor: +100 armor when health is below 30 ;)

Before you nerf me, Know that I EARNED these upgrades in each of the RPs I have used Aximus in.

Also note that only the life is above in game norm.
07/03/2013 08:56 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
*One thing post activate!*

Would like to see an actually good rendition of Kit but I've only used her three times though ... she is still my favorite even if she doesn't really fit with the forums. Might try to reintroduce her later ... meh ...

Kit Eller: Snow white/silver hair and fur, Elven ears, 5’10”, Digigrade stance, Fox tail, very slight fox mussel, Shoulder length hair and fur over her whole body. Beautiful enticing amethyst eyes.

if you need anything further I'll see what I can do
I have no iconic character, mostly because I really haven't gotten a character fleshed out and called it permanent, aside from Athazual.
Slndr Drac has requested Agent Shadow for himself.
I was wonder of I could get away with twins... only... split personalities... different... parts of a real personality. Showing both sides... Hmm, it would be interesting to do. Just gotta find a timeline for them or the one person... And by timeline I mean I just need to figure out when they started out. PreSC, PostSC, BW, WoL, etc.

(Most of this.. I am talking to myself... so... yeah.)
I'd use Ceas, if I am to be included. I have a few rough sketches of him, I'll just upload one to dA when I get a chance and then link it.
Perfect! ^^
No, sadly I haven't gotten anywhere with the StarStuck, or... HomeCraft? RP.
If Bloody Haze fails liftoff, then perhaps I'll begin to piece together a basic storyline.
SBURB isn't the... easiest thing to go about. It's mysterious and different.
I kinda figured as much. It would be a pain in the !@# anyway. We'd probably be better of waiting for Hussie to finish the damnabe comic anyway before starting in on anything.
Oh gosh, this is awesome! Thanks so much for doing this, SB!

Can't decide between Markus Devroy... or Tonya Blue...

Tonya is a character in my new story i'm writing and is by far my favorite and most in-depth character.

Markus is a character from Devroy Manufacturing and could have used more development and I did a rather poor job writing him, but that doesn't mean he isn't my most Iconic character.

Kit is not short for kitsune. And the correct term is 'Anthro'. A 'furry' is a human that loves anthros. Also I can name three other characters that are anthros and currently in use. Maya, Araea, Serenity. Also could you perhaps give Kit a serious yet mischievous look?
Hmm... must go through drawing phase of character!
*escapes into my lair*
Yeah, mine will have to be Broodmother Athazual of the Orathas Brood. I'll try to come up with a description for her sometime.....
What additional details are required?
Hm. I suppose my most iconic character would be my bar persona, a cyborg Roach with a love of alcohol. Owns Kay-Oh!, was featured in my first RP, and represents the Brotherhood.

Though Entity Seven is pretty iconic. Iconically annoying. I would pick him, but there's no good way to represent him.

I was wonder of I could get away with twins... only... split personalities... different... parts of a real personality. Showing both sides... Hmm, it would be interesting to do. Just gotta find a timeline for them or the one person... And by timeline I mean I just need to figure out when they started out. PreSC, PostSC, BW, WoL, etc.

(Most of this.. I am talking to myself... so... yeah.)

Not Cynthia?

She's pretty iconic. One of the better developed characters, I would say.
Zark: The Style of the armor? Like... Protoss-esque, or even more specific? Like angular Marine Armor..? Because when you simply say medieval I just think good ol' kah-niggit in shining armor. :/

also KO: Cybernetic Roach... an interesting concept. What...'enchancements' do you boast..? >n>

Morph: I'm being sassy. Shaddup and let me wallow in my own pathetic excuses to entertain myself.
I see your point. I'll answer that question when I think of the words to describe it.
07/04/2013 08:06 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Not Cynthia?
I could do her... would be interesting. And I know a few of us were already planning on redoing our characters for the big scratch. :3 (Homestuck talk right now. :3)

Give her a chance to be better while keeping her human this time... She was human for a split second if you think about it... Hmm... keep the white hair version or the black hair...
07/04/2013 11:20 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
What...'enchancements' do you boast..? >n>

Lorewise, Thundercrash created this body. I'm not sure whether he intended it to be robotic or vat-grown, so I'm going with a combination of the two. Though I did demand certain modifications to make it more friendly to a Terran mind, so I have two three-fingered hands. As for the rest... meh, never gave much thought to it. Basically a roach with metallic legs and hands. And probably a drink in one hand and a large, roachy smile.


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