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07/05/2013 06:34 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
keep the white hair version

my opinion on that anyway. Might reintroduce Jake ... hmm ... *goes off to do some evil plotting*
...Assuming you haven't already started drawing this, I'd like to pitch in my character as well. He's from Pankorpulu Academy, and the only reaper to have survived the two years required in reaper service. His name is Hale Carmine, and a stickler for spray painting his armor to suit the next environment that he'll be deployed in. Uses a gnasher shotgun instead of pistols, and also had two katars as sidearms.

Of course, if you're going to draw him outside of his armor I can give a brief description of his appearance as well...
Ok, got a look for Athazual.

Take Zagara's look, remove the arms/stick-things they call arms, and replace them with two tendrils. The ends of them are inflated(Think like a bubble, or some kind of orb at the end), and have four prongs sticking out of it, positioned in a square at the end of the bubble/orb. Give her arms like the WoL/Multiplayer/Normal Queen. Reduce the size of the headress, add two tendrils to the back of her head, sorta like the ones that the Swarm Queens have, and rotate the spike going upward to point forward. Remove the webbing on the legs, and make the legs larger to boot, along with a more armored look. Make the front arms/legs/pokeyclawthings..... well, make them look like they can stab and kill things. You can add some scarring and a few craters to her carapace if you are feeling creative. Also, on her headress, remove all those spikes, and put either the Lost Brood Decal there, or modify the Tal'Darim warcrest decal to make it somewhat Zergy, and set it there.
Alright, I've decided to let you choose who to draw. I'll give you the descriptions of both and let you choose. Both these characters are simple humans.

Markus Devroy: Slightly taller than the average human. A few inches of brown hair to coupe with his brown eyes. Nothing too special about any facial features, really. Markus is more on the muscular build side.

Tonya Blue: Tonya is slightly shorter than the average human, if not completely average in height. Tonya has deep blue, intoxicating eyes along with long blonde hair usually in a loose ponytail. Tonya has a slim build.

A Basilisk!
Oh, and tell The Artist Formerly Known as HBRB that Shadow has a facial description- messy, spiked medium brown hair, piercing green eyes that glow, and light (but not pale) skin. Oh, and he's 5'8".

Based on myself, but, y'know, taller. He'd be underwhelming if he was my height.
Also, SB, you will have a note in DA.
I'm conflicted between telling you here... or just noting you it on DA.
I should probably start writing my description...
07/05/2013 05:54 PMPosted by LeKroger
The Artist Formerly Known as HBRB

We are the Knights Who Until Recently Said "Ni"

I haven't started it yet, but do you guys want me to do a single picture..? Or each character individually. I'll let you guys do a vote. Because individually I can get more details in, but have more files to upload, or as a whole, I can do each character in increments, therefore, you all get to see what I'm working on at each moment.
Also, if you guys were willing to watch, I'd be glad to stream my progress of the piece(s). ^^
Which means, if I were to do each individually, I'd simply contact each of you so you knew when I was doing it, or just make an announcement in the bar if I were doing the full thing. :/
They balance each other out, I guess.
Hm... if you have time to waste, make individual pictures AND make a picture of everyone in the Bar.

If only one or the other, I'd go with the Bar image.
SBD, I was thinking of showcasing the remake of Cynthia. Would that suffice? And the details involved are also gonna involve some plot twists that I've been talking to others about.
07/07/2013 02:47 PMPosted by KnarledOne
if you have time to waste, make individual pictures AND make a picture of everyone in the Bar.
would like this ... and I kinda want a solo pic of Kit but would love to see the all together also ... and could you add Hos lIngwi' into Kit's solo? you can find my rough sketch of it on my dA page. silentnight4k
Alright. I'd like a picture of Stefan Alexander. He's actually really straight forward. 7 feet tall 3 feet shoulder to shoulder. All black armor that looks like a cross between the War Pig mercs in WoL (no shield), Iron Man and a suit of Space Marine (40k) armor. There's no backpack or visible power source as his suit is a highly advanced piece of bio-engeneering and a physical part of him.

Some key points:
- Iron Man style helmet.

- Large-ish shoulder pads, more like that of an SC marine than a 40K one.

- Stefan is BIG. His bones are twice as thick as a normal humans not to mention the armor that he has on top of that. His armor is generally about an inch and a half thick, 2 around the chest and shoulders, .5 on the hands, etc.

- Weapons: Stefan is basically armed with a 40k bolt pistol and plasma pistol (one on each hip/upper leg). He has a foot long combat/utility knife on his lower back, right above the tail bone and stored horizontally. Stefan also has a heavy rifle stored over his right shoulder.
'"I do not care, but I feel individual would take too long, but people would be far more pleased with the results. So I guess I go with individual."

Rak'nashal (The 'Demon') is depicted as a very tall humanoid. His body covered in scales like a reptile, five great horns on top of his head. Two horns stemming from his temples, pointing upwards in front of the forehead. Another one of the horns comes from the back of his head, curling over it and pointing straight upwards above the other two on the top of his head. The last two horns came from the top of his cheek bones, just under the temple ones, and led down alongside the cheek bones, curving upwards slightly in front of his face at the very bottom of the cheek bones. His fingers ended in cruel claws, and his pupils are slits in yellow eyes. His mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, the front four on either jaw sticking out a little forward. Spikes come from his shoulders, turning away from his head. A long tail with a sharp, spear-like end. Flames always were dancing around him. His scaly skin was crimson, and horns pitch black, along with his teeth.

"I want that general look, but it would be easier for you to simplify it a bit, so I am fine with that. I guess it is like a Diablo look."
I have to say I'm sorry that I can't do both... too many characters, and I'm already trying to juggle getting a job and such.
I mean, I just spent upwards of 30 minutes doing a simple rendering of an Immortal, trying to gather a simple idea of how Aximus is going to work... I'll get to everybody, but yeah.
Also... for those of you who have characters with masks... They might turn out better than those with faces... fair warning? Of course I hope to get better with faces as I go about this, but yeah. for a while, the WIPs might look off.
They are WIPS though.
But one or the other, guys. ^^;
In that case, depict us all in the bar. Me with a drink in my hand while saying something to Zanon or Thundercrash (or whoever you depict as barkeep).
would rather individual then. I want to have kit on the front page of my dA ...
I will do Destron and the minions, will provide Description later
This is a rather tough decision... now I don't know if I want to do single or whole bar portrait... and then I don't know how Cynthia is gonna look man! :c

Though... This Cynthia is gonna be the remake y'all... just in case you are aware. That means she isn't a Changeling or even a hybrid... keep in mind.

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