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07/03/2013 08:37 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
Jester: Athazual, The Brood Mother with an obsession with Flails.

No flails. Good try though. And her front claws/arms/legs aren't going to be flails, need to be more like claws.
07/05/2013 09:36 AMPosted by Jester
two tendrils. The ends of them are inflated(Think like a bubble, or some kind of orb at the end), and have four prongs sticking out of it

I feel that's about the zergiest description of a flail I have ever read?
Four prongs sticking out of the end of it. Think like a pincer to grab !@#$ before you see it melted.
OOooooooh, so crab claws?
Kinda, but more Zergy. I'm sure you can make them look Zergy.
"Those are called pincers."
The Rock Lobster must command her brood.
Jester, if that isn't her theme song, I am VERY disappointed.
*Gives SB a 'So-not-amused' look.* No guarantees. Zergy pincers, any other questions/semi-humorous comments?
And I don't have a theme song for her, but I have a few ideas.
SB, I finally figured out that I want you to do Cynthia, not the Cynthia from here of course, but the new and approved Cynthia after the scratch. OuO

I figured it would be better and she is still pretty iconic to me... one of my best... one of my favorites... And as a redo she will be so much better! Pure human! I'll tell you descriptions later. :3
Still need those votes for single pic to individual ones... though I'm leaning a bit more towards single... That way we can sort of set an actual image as to how the bar looks..?
I vote individual.

Also I believe I have decided on which I would like to have drawn. Just need to make up the final details for the description.
I would vote for individual, and see if you can photoshop it into one picture for a "group photo"
I vote group, unless you can do what Nait said.
Then it just seems like a cheap rehash then. :/
I still vote individual. Some people are good at Photoshop and could make it look good ... will gather votes when I get home unless you don't want me too.
Thank you, I've been meaning to. ^^;
New Cynthia.

Cynthia Nyreen Moore
Skin Color: Darker Complexion, is Caucasian.
Eye Color: Hazel with richer specks of green.
Hair Color: White with black streaks throughout.
Hair Style: Long Bob
Outfit: Hostile Environmental Suit, without mask. Communication piece in ear. Purple Amethyst pendant around her neck.
Scarring: Scarring on the left cheek from training. Scar on her nose from a knife.
Body Type: Slender and lithe with a slight curve.
Weaponry (Ya know, just in case?): Lot's of knives... mostly for using telekinetics on.
C-10 Canister Rifle. And a big knife.

I have no clue on how to describe anything else...
Mad scientist (some headgear perhaps) with the shadow of a hybrid emerging from my back like a ghost.

All the while harvesting from one of the hapless "personas" with one hand while force feeding them with a barrel of "The Smylez" (in the image of those stands where the IV drips) through a tube with the other hand.
I think I'm just going to do Individuals, because I can't just add another person into a single picture if someone else wants to be included... And that way I can get started sooner, which I would like to do. :P
As the artist. the power to decide does rest with you.

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