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Also will you be uploading these images on DA???
Yes. And Tumblr.
And they'll be linked here on the front page.
Sweet. If you still do art, maybe some time later when my brother isnt busy, I could have him help you out in such. He is currently in Art school and rather talented artist. He's just kinda lazy...
Oh I'm going to do Art for as long as I can ^^
How can we follow your work? Sorry if this question comes up a lot...
DeviantArt. He's UndergroundByDesign.
Indeed I am C:
So, finished Hale Carmine, it's up on my DA, Sorry it took so long, between getting my driver's license, partying, and other social events, I haven't had much time to draw. ^^;
He looks freaking badass, can't wait to see Destron and everyone else's characters done :D
Those two pics are eerily similar...

I'd like a picture of Stefan Alexander. He's actually really straight forward. 7 feet tall 3 feet shoulder to shoulder. All black armor that looks like a cross between the War Pig mercs in WoL (no shield), Iron Man and a suit of Space Marine (40k) armor. There's no backpack or visible power source as his suit is a highly advanced piece of bio-engeneering and a physical part of him.

Some key points:
- Iron Man style helmet.

- Large-ish shoulder pads, more like that of an SC marine than a 40K one.

- Stefan is BIG. His bones are twice as thick as a normal humans not to mention the armor that he has on top of that. His armor is generally about an inch and a half thick, 2 around the chest and shoulders, .5 on the hands, etc.

- Weapons: Stefan is basically armed with a 40k bolt pistol and plasma pistol (one on each hip/upper leg). He has a foot long combat/utility knife on his lower back, right above the tail bone and stored horizontally. Stefan also has a heavy rifle stored over his right shoulder.
Alright everyone, I decided to try working with metals this time...
Aximus, I'm going for you.

EDIT: After realizing that I never pressed "submit", and having drawn a little, I am realizing that I completely messed up the proportions.
I'll fix it next time. Things are going well... a lot less detail than Hale's various armor and kevlar suit thing.
07/03/2013 08:37 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
CrymsonRaven: The... twins? Before they were twins..? So... an... impregnated egg that has yet to split..?
Found this in the first post. :/
No, me and SF have done it where Cynthia and Korzis are in fact cousins. Still related but yeah. :/ I'm sorry if this confused you. If you need anything from me pertaining this subject, ask me.

Or I could possibly be confused by what you are trying to say. :/
SOrry for performing an Epic Fail on the whole description thing.

Hale looks awesome. Can't wait to see some of the other chars we know and/or love.
Thanks Knarled. ^^
CR, you never gave me an actual description of your character :P
Yes I did. :/ I believe so anyway.

New Cynthia.

Cynthia Nyreen Moore
Skin Color: Darker Complexion, is Caucasian.
Eye Color: Hazel with richer specks of green.
Hair Color: White with black streaks throughout.
Hair Style: Long Bob
Outfit: Hostile Environmental Suit, without mask. Communication piece in ear.
Scarring: Scarring on the left cheek from training. Scar on her nose from a knife.
Body Type: Slender and lithe with a slight curve.
Weaponry (Ya know, just in case?): Lot's of knives... mostly for using telekinetics on.
C-10 Canister Rifle. And a big knife.

I have no clue on how to describe anything else...

Page four. :/
Post 77.
Oh well. Thank you for reminding me of that.
Your welcome. :/
If you have any questions, just ask me here or better yet in DA or in a note in DA.
Welp, Done with Aximus for today...
I'll do some more tomorrow maybe, finish him up.
God I don't understand Immortal Anatomy.
"I'm not sure that you would call it anatomy when they are machines..."

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