Starcraft: Ragnok

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Prologue: Countless
Void; constant space, empty, cold...Many within the void is filled, energy flustering from places afar. Lights of the infinite, flustering from across a desert of emptiness. Distance to another, more space is there, as fillings are seen as close... yet, so far.

Memory served me well. Saw the place of cold; flustered, no thought, no feel. I was void. No sense of belonging. No sense of life. No sense of light. Warmth, absent; Purpose, empty. Alone, unthought of, never to be seen by any...

Memory of the dream fills me; lights beaming from corners of a sight I held in absence. Shined colour, shined shapes; charts and thoughts showed, beams streamed. Moving, changing; colour rivaled shade. Blurry, afterwards... void disappeared, the unknown showing before me. Held nothing dear to me... nor anything. All strange to sight; yet, confusion was absent. No thoughts arrived... only life.

It was still blurry to sight, though.

Colour disappeared... mostly. Void was all across me, with no lights to be seen. Yet... clouds and dusts surrounded me; coloured and bright, streaming across the grounds, a short fog that made the ground absent. As all across was empty darkness... the ground was filled with what hid below. Never sure as to what it was that was hidden... didn't care. No thoughts... only saw. From above, saw streams of what seemed to be... black. Yet, seemed more puffy... unsolid. Imperfect. Cracks showed foggy... yet, darker. Unclear to memory, unable to remember what it was to exact definition. Leaves still curiosity...

... Light. Distance, star showed across from me. Looked to see... difference. darkness across had one star to remain. Looked towards it...

Closer. Somehow moving towards eyes, growing bigger. Getting closer lead to clearer image of light; black light. Around, black crystals seemed to wall around, dozens of crystal pillars of cut, irregular size. All aligned, glowing and shining different colours; from memory, red, yellow, orange. Fire within flowing rock... pulsing. Would say it to be fire caged, yet... crystals were beating, pulsing. Glowing brighter, growing darker. Like an organ, simulating life in itself. To see now, gives sense of beauty, inspiration; to see then, when it was the first time... purpose.

Field of black crystal, stimulating life. Drawn, moved forward... by will. To move, was to see my foggy form, moving forward. Lights showed my own dark form, blended before with the void around. Now... see fire of black, or smoke... not sure. Unable to determine of form before birth. Yet... it was something.

Beating, heard constant stream of sound, beating of what can be compared to as hearts... yet, some seemed loud, some quiet... different tones range for each one neared, as entered within the field. To enter the field... seemed larger than the light at distance; infinite? Unknown... yet, countless. Take too long to count them all. They all were alive, though...

Wander forward, was to see them all; inside the case of black, veins... all coloured, streaming life like fire. Within, an organ that it was attached too... veins seemed to not reach a destination, except surround the insides of its shell. Every beat, led stream of light to pulse from organ to across the veins, as if electric.

From within, saw life within darkness... like the lights in space before. Here, saw them all beating, all filled with life... yet, they were here, and I was beside... not from a distance, but right beside. Yet, many more need travel to reach. Despite this... I did not just see with sight; I could touch them. Feel them... hold them. They were mine to behold, mine to see from within...

And from my eyes, I saw them from within. And many were soon to be mine... I felt purpose to hold much in my grasp. To glare inside, was to see what was they saw themselves; sights that I knew to be not mine. Strange sights... complex. From within saw other things of life. Moving, running, clawing, feasting, fighting... some laid dead, while others were still alive. Swarms of them, flying from a surface to a large object... larger than them: Glowing green over black, being attacked by the creatures that held similar essence that I saw within... attacking the giant object, killing them from the inside. There, I remember: battle.

The creatures from what I saw, felt the will of one controlling... yet, not entirely. To see, all that was, was challenged. Ruthless, aggressive... the foreign lights were fought, reached... eradicated. Soon, there was none in the sky anymore... only the essence that I saw surround me... countless...

Felt the creature bend... all of them bend... to the will of one light. Glowing brightly, yet... darkly. Essence extreme, essence strong. Made to control, made to hold. Pure, artificial, maintaining. Purpose is to grow, to strive towards growth. From within, it held purpose to grow greater and stronger, and reach towards perfection. There, from not sight, but from inside, felt the presence of a Father. King. God.

And I saw purpose.
Young One: Absence
The smell was intoxicating.

From within, all of the green surrounded the space of closure. All of it, covering the sky, the ground, the walls... Behind them, the sense of encased serenity was felt, mostly hidden within the moss, the vines, the leafs that grew in front of peering eyes. The only sense of pierce, was the essence of light and water.

From behind, the encased was cracked, most across the ceiling and walls... there, water escaped from above; leaving holes that seemed to be perfectly rounded, it was covered much by the plants that surrounded it. Most of the water passed by, escaping and heading to the floor below; the lesser half trailed and followed the growth, dripping in small specks, while the rest followed the dangling green, until they stopped and became stapled orbs, gripping on the hanging, as they hang themselves. The same holes as the ceiling are seen from the ground and walls... some of the walls that are high streamed water, gushing in a perfect arch to replicate the same roundness, rounded jets rather than bent, to give better describe of what it was. Others, near or on the ground, seemed to take the water away... streaming somewhere that was possibly nearby. From within, many holes were seen on the ceiling, seemingly chaotic and placed in random parts of it... the walls, however, that jetted out, seemed to be better assembled; on the many walls of regular formation, three were placed on all but a few, while the few had only two... the third jet replaced with a squared exit. The holes on the floor and the bottom wall, taking it water, seemed the same as the ceiling... placed it specific spots, not giving a sense of pattern in plain sight.

And the light... above, only four beams showed themselves within... all known to knowledge. Within only one was, as of now, streaming light. The rest, to eyes of her own, was darker. It was made as such; it grabbed hold of the light that beamed directly towards it, the holes bent to follow the timing of the rising and falling lights. Night was present to the encased garden, and each place where the holes were meant to shine, the growth of colour was seen. Taken from the green, fruits and flowers seemed to hold, laying themselves and keeping to themselves... all set to their individual beam.

Yet, as of now, only one beam of moonlight was there. The island, lifted away from the shallow waters, was green, covered with vines and moss. Resting all around, the smell emanated; petals of white and teal, with some holding scars of dull red stripes, surrounded the island, stemming from the roots that seemed to form the land that stood. Its scars in the moonlight seemed to stem brightly... the dull red making the untouched seem duller.

The feeling of presence and past stimulated within her mind. Calling to her, the young one sat down, resting within the field of flora, listening to the waters moving around, the still rustle of drips and current streaming all around her... falling from above, reaching towards below.

From eyes, she saw the islands that laid across the world; shadow covered much, not showing the many islands that have grown above the water, existing and being its own. Yet, unlike the island she sat upon, all were hidden away, the light not shining upon them. It was a sad feeling... a painful feeling. From within she felt the presence that was not there...

Yet all around, she felt them. Cries, anguish, sorrow... those before and now, speaking across the world, telling their voice of death, of lost, of honor. What is within, she felt the presence of all that was before her, the history of millennium and more that was lost... taken away, buried and consumed from their bodies. Those that were of the oldest presence, held a sense of honor, discovery, relentless, scar... those of new, seemed to absorb. As did she.

Feeling within the presence of lost, the young one felt the essence of the ancient showing their fealty, their knowledge, and their death arrive to them... held deeply, sense of belief, duty, and honor of new discovery. Of felt ascension. Her people before died when she never was... yet, the feeling of them never left her here. It seemed that the ghosts of the past seemed to still remain.

Resting, her body felt the scars grow, the flesh of her own feeling aches and hurts across her body...

Concentrate. Memories are better to be seen as what they are; lesson, impact... not fusion.

From within, her body breathed deeply. Taking in the rays and moisture, the young one concentrated of the discovery more than battle, looking past the war that filled her... within a place of peace, anger and dismay seemed to flow around it. The shadows seemed to grow darker around her, even when closed from her sight.

Looking deep within, she saw the sight of others before her... the presence of Khalai long dead remained, and it filled the insides of her mind... there, she felt the presence of death fill her, the sense of knowledge filling her, giving her answers that she never questioned, questions that soon arrived with the answers...

And within, as she felt the presence of the fallen, she felt the life of the graved engrave her. Light grew greater from within; as light came, the shadows grew larger, encasing herself in reflection to the world rested upon.
Prologue: Vast Potential
Countless pillars of black, thick and thin, scattered and covered much of the world around. Some, empty... those empty, refilled. Lights never left casing for long period. Travelling led to much discovery. Discovery of new eyes to see behind:

Saw those flying in that space I once reside inside... yet, they moved more than I. Lived more than I. Around, filled with rocks, fire, and more that I could not describe. New things arose from the sparks of it all. All seemed familiar. Yet, all were alien to my mind.

The world was filled with things that I could only see at distance... or did not see at all. Lately, from the sights, saw more than before. Saw lights within essence of others. Saw within the sight of others.

And I saw what covered much of the space: fliers, long tubed creatures with flapping limbs, moving faster than others. From within the mass, ran with those that rivaled the lights in the space I once saw... hardly seen now; other creatures, smaller, similar limbs but did not move with much mass... seemed to be in larger groups than those that were larger, moving with higher pace from behind. Some, slower, filled with lights unknown. Similar to foggy ground in world I reside within... yet, coloured differently. More diversity was within the mass... travelling. Some, made all seem minuscule in comparison, even from distance...

All traveled to destination unknown, if any. All were accountable for what was seen within home... yes... home. Creatures held mass quantity, as I recall. All were filling much of darkness that surrounded this place. In comparison, better to describe as stars and galaxy. Near infinite, yet truly numbered. Except, seemingly lights not found anywhere else. Pure darkness, surrounding them all. Despite numbers, seemed lonely. Empty. Lights cover only small space. Rest dark.

Coloured fog, bright as nebula, gone. All under feet, seemed to be missing. Now... most of ground harden, cracks showed with similar light as crystals. Lights of crystal fields, shone above; black clouds seen, moving with fast pace, moving at directions hard to tell.

Unknown time spent within world. Seen much that resided inside the crystals, yet lost as to how to get out. Didn't seek escape, never recognized need to. New emotions grew, as I grew. Curiosity, gave in to mind. Yet, seemed blank in comparison...

Seemed regular, to peer and wander. Crystals called to me; some glew brighter. Some seemed darker... Did not seek. And when interest lost, so did he...

Remember... times of caving. Life still reside within casings. Yet, from somewhere, terror... heard roar. Mellow feeling, sorrowful touch to self... content from other. Above, feel of roar echoed... crystals, saw, caved in. Some. Seemed that some crystals bent, growing thinner. Cracked, light seemed seep... blister. Terror filled me; unknown reason at time, saw danger for I. Raced to untouched crystal, while saw other... others, dying.

Insides imploded without remorse. Crystal broke most but base, shard and pieces disintegrate... then became smoke-like substance. Flew above, joined the sky. Learned lesson afterwards.

Reintegration: crystal bases not bases for long. Grew again, rising. Rose and changed from previous crystals, changing their shapes to be of different shape, size... lights grew at same time. Organ and streams changed in placement. Replacements, took over the place of what was there before.

Looked into the light within... saw change; new species within. Standing with no limbs but arms, heavy heads and long talons. Seemed to crawl across ground while standing... did not recognize, but realized something new arrived within. Something was born, did not recognize before. Creature seemed angry, deadly, vicious. Seemed to hunger.

Perhaps things that had died, replaced by a new essence. Felt to hold difference. What was learned; probability of seeing what was before, unlikely. Probability of seeing more? Certain.

Did not need knowledge. Had feeling. Feelings unknown from origination. Learned only eyes of others. Many traveled, few did any other. Saw some worlds... most travel. As I travel, seek to find more. Before, saw it as only thing to do. No other directive was established...

Now, know better; established by He. Mended to gain knowledge and understanding, before integration. See more, grasp more... understand the countless. Was directive, and what was maintained.
Deranged Alpha: Hounds of Surtur
The hounds charge; thousands of feet scrap; the ground shakes and stirs.

Above, the locust swing held wings; blind, toothed, moving forward, ahead of rest.

The wind is gone; taken by the storm; thunder is heard, made by the stampede and swarm of flies.

Everything moves; everything charges. Darkness, no light. All waves of two, parallel, moving back and forth, moving to one direction: forward.

That is what it sees; that is what it hears... what it feels, what it smells... weakness. Madness.

All around, those like it move forward. Screeching, chirping, yelping. Those too weak, slow... thunder tramples. It drools, as claws dig indirectly, deep into fallen. Those that can't catch up, die.

Days and nights, charging... no ground is seen from across, can not look down. Crowded. Around him, marks of wounded are seen; claws and teeth, digging into those that get too close to the vicious, that trip and fall. Not uncommon to see them rise again... rare to see them unscratched.

All mad. Charging towards a direction destined for them; all of them, charging towards a savage toll. The locust above leaves no light... harder to see forms. To its eyes, all of them are just one. Hurdled together, charging together... dying.

They don't care; it doesn't care. It cares more of itself. Trampled by others four times in this world alone. Its twin killed by others, now all alone. Holes and scars hold it... missing leg, chipped horns, broken teeth.. even a large gash on its back tells a tale of nightmarish damage, organ exposed behind flesh still alive, trying to heal... does not heal. Great pain, near numbing

Despite all taken, it still survives, despite casualty and harm. It still survives, despite all the carelessness. They care for one thing, as does it: Extermination.

The calls of its master holds it. It can not deny, it can not fight... it does not desire to. Despite the harm, despite the damage... it serves. It wills.

It is the Alpha. It is the best. A survivor, one that survived long, one that survived much. Even from the tusks of the Kaiser. The Brood it was born to, the brood it was made for... madness engulfs them all. It knows this. Its master is angry. Its master is deranged. No others come to them; all others fear them...

A screech is heard from beside, near close. Seen despite dark, a mad one; saliva runs rapidly from teeth. Young, strong... naive. Stares straight at the scarred one, the older one. Knows nothing, charges towards it. Teeth ready, horn readied.

A few stand between them; a few stand in way. Does not try to pass by way of charge; fight more than itself, it knew. Would need to fight other hungry, other angry. Three to four, perhaps more, in way. Hard to say precision; dark. Only see from distance the one that glows... one that feels threat from.

Instinct has taught; those wanting death, wanting flesh... it calls to it. Tells it to ready; tells it of danger. Learned to use, learned to take in hand. Ignore, is to die. Others have died. Listen to anger, listen to madness... their instinct. Secondary to it, though... Survived much. Depends on survival.

The Threatening comes close. Tries to claw at those between them. Will not budge; one threatens to leap upon them, take both into stampede, get trampled. Awaits for madness to take it...

Does so. Feels hatred. Unreasoning hatred. Tries to dig past, curve closer to it. Those between the two do not budge.


Horn digs into bystandered. Makes it !@#$ head, pushed from right side, jerks to left... those beside to left feel sharp pain, horn of hit digs in, scraps more than wounds...

Yet, the two fall back. Never fall back.

Those behind trample. Run over two hit. Eyes of the scarred see the hounds falling into shadow, a growing bump where others leap over, while others jump towards them for a greater leap... digging claws on two bodies, jumping for greater distance. Usually, causing itself and another it falls onto to fall as the rest. Yet, are careless and disregarding towards own life.

Weak. Soon, those left behind seems to followed with dozens more, soon hundreds piling and falling. They all screech, yet muffled by the sound of thunder and crashing.

Careless, the hounds move forward. Madness gives them ignorance of concern, of life. It knows better; do not trip, do not scurry. Wary of one still in hurry for kill.

The mad one comes, with other between. Comes to kill. Thousands are behind, are forward. Shadow hides what is. Does not concern them. Know where they are going... forward. Yet, one seeks to bring harm to scarred... and all others in way.


The one between feels a sharp pain under neck; It moves towards the scarred, reeling away from the attack. The hungry, mad hound seeks to finish the job...


The scared leaps; over the one that draws, it hops over without landing on top. It does not charge with the hounds; it now readies for the kill. It came for it; the young came for the old; now, as the young wearies itself with casualties behind them, it is unprepared. Unaware, of the waiting.

It jumps onto the young with teeth open, the broken gums outlined with morphed, disfigured teeth. It is the last it sees, before it crashes on its eyes, digging deep and hard.

Death is swift and quick; no reaction from the attack, but shock. Soon, as the Alpha moves forward, leaving the young behind, it falls at the mercy to those behind them, catching up to the waves of shadows... if there was such thing as mercy.

The last to get hit by the now soon-to-die hunter charges beside the scarred. It looks at it quickly, screeching with hunger. It looks back to the looker; it senses no danger. It senses no threat.

Now, with carcasses that laid victim to their own are left behind, the true dominant moves forward, and the horde screeches with it. They move. And with it, the locust above begin to splinter into two; a V in the sky, growing. And there, ahead, lies two stars, beaming towards them. They do not blink, they do not look away. For they see only the horde... and the horde of hounds charges forward, towards their kill.
The Prologue: Mountainous Growth
The world was dark, the lights glew; the formations stayed, changed, formed, reformed.... but never died. So many wandered. So many established.

Time absent... yet time remains. All the same. Unknown stray from void... remain, to see. Remain within the forests. There is no understanding, other than what is seen from within.

Essence remains. Essence fosters... flourishes. Did not understand before, but know, after so long, it seems clear what I saw:

What I have seen, is the lives of many, tied and ruled. All varied, all similar. Those that see above all, dropping those within, seeing those around... Those with wings and without, moving above the rest with great speed, tearing and breaking, not merely overlooking. Those of great size, moving along with rest, giants that made the slow 'lookers' seem petite in scale and matter...

Those that stampede across not from above remained; savage runners, crushing monoliths, slithering spectrums. Others... differed. Some were on and off, taking care of giants on sliding floors; some giants were slow, or did not move at all... breathing, living. Growth on the sliding floor nourished and prospered, giving aspect of what was once absent to its vision:


But other things remained... things that were hard to find... if they ever could.

From within some, it saw within the eyes of others. It saw the many that were all around the life. Somethings that were not there before.

At first, the realization was not seen before. Then, as time went by... as the fields grew... change was seen.

Understanding of things that were known and not understood... something massive was surrounding all around me, hiding behind clouds. Hiding from sight, but not essence All glow... arms hidden behind clouds, but the grasp is not lose. It holds will.. it holds strength. It is the darkness surrounding...

Yet, it seems to glow so much...

Darkness seems to wrap not from the thing that I had first seen... the great mass that made all of them share a glow... it seemed to be.

But changed happened. I saw the change. All were held by one. All were held to one light... one will.
Now... creatures do not glow any more. Not all to just one. I did not realize what it was yet... understood power. Did not understand what it was. Did not know it as the master, did not know it as the ruler, nor the bearer of I. Yet, I understood it held all... including me.

The fields changed. Mountains grew from distances almost unreachable. Reaching high and mighty. Crystals of black extended, glowing.... but not like a star. Inside, aura of void surrounded a black mass. An aura of tethers and strings, being bent. As lights of the fields blistered the dark skys, the mountain shined like the great stars seen before... seen within eyes of life.

New life. New creatures. Did not live as flames... did not glow as others. Instead... tethers. Black tethers. Or what seemed to be, within black mountain. Glowing shadows. The life within, was like him... but the light was not as bright... but brighter than those smaller.

They grew at places unknown... grew within the fields. Grew to be different. Grew to be something else. Did not realize it at first... but saw a change in what was. Fields changed too.

Lights within glew. Beaconed. The lights beaconed along with the mountains. When they flickered, others flickered too. Not all... but some. When they glowed brightly, they glowed. When they darkened... they darkened. Not all... but a few.

It seemed that all of them respond to the large mountains... seemed to revolve much around. The skies of darkness flickered, like the blackened tethers within the mountains. Smoke, fog, mist.... surrounded above. Below the feet was unseen ground; lights of colours, too thick to see. Yet, despite light, did not seem to illuminate.

From above, I saw what was hidden... not tethers; rather, arms. Moving, slithering, contemplating. Dark... not tethered... not like them.

Sights saw, gained, fostered. World gained, changed... I changed. Grew. Was no longer just smoke. Saw no light within I.... yet, seemed to grow into mist. Mist, surrounding body Smoke, reaching high. Tethers of I fostered to own body... small. Festered not with on light... no lights. No life. But grow. Know. Not understand with completion, but understand the essence around me. Realize the differences of each, yet do not know all around purpose. See many... and yet, know I am not them.

Time unknown. Change quick. World changes. Festers. Integrates. Perspective grows. More difference arises. More remodeling arriving. More demonstration imminate... I understood that. Clearly. Yet, I had no feeling for it. I had no realize of what is... Realize of what this world was.

Felt home... yet, compared to eyes seen... it was a darker place. A place that was vastly different than what was prospective before....

Yet, from the world around, I feel... desire. Need. See what is there, see what is from the distance. A peak sparks. Draws. Beacons for my sight. Seems darker than the rest... yet, brighter.

I progress forward... I progressed forward. I aimed for a change. And now, as I wandered forward... the world around me was what I saw, felt, been inside...

And now, wandering forward, I progress towards the peak from afar. It isn't the closest... it is far. I do not know how long it will take for me to reach it... I did not know. I went nonetheless. I was drawn... felt the need. Felt the call, like the crystals before. But this one was... different.

And I had a feeling... that the greatest light, would soon come to give me the greater wisdom.

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