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Corso radio's Shadow. {Shadow, Flint Senior is alive and under Splitter control. Do you hear me? He was on Kaldir!} He then notices John and goes through recent messages befoe finding it and his face dropping. "Oh no..."


Stepping forward, I fire a stun round into a Chrono Splitter.
[John Jr.]
I almost slump back into my bed staring towards the ceiling now mind ablaze with what has happened today.
Corso approaches slowly, disbelief on his face. "John, are you alright?"

Zarakka simply keeps fighting. The fight goes on, evenly matched, for what seems like hours. Zaros' s aggressive power-based style hits at odds with Zarakka's quicker parry-based style. "The unstoppable force has met its immovable object. Give it up. Permit me to injure you, and I shall leave on my merry way. Continue to fight and I will not be nice when I win."

Shadow blinks over to Flint. "You. The world itself is collapsing, I have lost my two oldest friends in the same day, I'm being baited by the Game Lord to give up the goose, and still you manage to make my day worse!" His eyes narrow and glow. "I know you can understand me. Explain yourself. Before I show you true suffering."

The voice by Junior chuckles. "It has begun. You're running out of time. I guess I should give you my identity, as you would know it." The shadows in the wall form into a silver humanoid figure, with a visage completely obscured. Orange energy crackles around him, and the room begins to spin. "I am the Game Lord. Shadow calls me an anomaly. He is not wrong. I am the only survivor from my timeline. I wish to make an alternative one, in which I can save people who I couldn't in my own. When it comes to your family, I would not be paid attention. Except in your case. Your flexible interpretations permit my interference."

Shade and Ivan reach a fork. To their left is the sound of 'Terra' screaming for backup, to the right is a hoarse man's voice, pleading mercy. Behind them is the ever-present thumping.

Joan looks out the viewscreen of her ship, over by where Dani exploded. "Why?"

[John Jr]
"What do you mean by save people you couldn't save and by 'my flexible interpretations'."
I ask as I still gaze towards the ceiling. "Corso.... I... I will be....." Uncertainty riddled my voice as I was not truly sure that I was going to be okay.

I didn't know what to tell him let alone I didn't want to speak.
"What suffering you bring is nothing to what I have just caused myself... I am broken Shadow and deserve nothing more then a quick death now." I manage after a few minutes while sullenly staring towards the ground before me. The Negative Suit for some reason stopped what was keeping my mind unstable.
I look up towards him now my ashen colored skin more defined in the lighting of the ship.
"I tried to keep myself sane twenty five years ago when the Splitters took me. For years they twisted my body and manipulated my mind breaking my will little by little until I became their slave. Then one twisted my genetics further than what Andy did almost ninety years ago purging the weaker parts and strengthening the strong parts. I am only a tool of theirs Shadow but as long as the negative suit is on me they cannot use me. Please just end my suffering now. Watching Dani run away and seeing what was happening..." A tear starts it's trail down the side of my face. "There is nothing for me to live for now. My children would only see me as a monster that caused their mothers death. I don't blame them one bit if they ever do find out and they should be sparred knowing what I have become if they haven't yet."

Shadow's expression darkens. "Ah, but it is not me you need to ask for death." Shadow blinks the both of them to Leah's side. "It is her."

The Game Lord simply sighs. "In my timeline, the Splitters both won and lost. Everyone was dead. The Splitters escaped with the smallest fraction of a percent of their fleet. I was well and truly alone in the Koprulu Sector. So, using the wreck that was the Vengeance, I rebooted the time machine, and returned to the beginning of the invasion. Using a suit that will be developed before the end of the war, I steal a little bit of energy from everyone who dies near me. I will use all this built-up energy to destroy the entire Splitter fleet at once. As to what I meant by my saying about you? You are approachable. You listen to absolutely anyone."

I sense Shadow blinking into my room as well as someone else.
"Shadow I told you I would take to Dirge tomorrow. Now isn't a good time to listen to your plans for the Splitters.." I was still sobbing slightly laying face down on my bed.

I look over at Leah on her bed hanging my head again.
"You knew she looked so much like her mother. Why have me ask her for my death when you could just end me right then and there. No instead of just killing me like I asked you insult me by making me beg my daughter to have me killed. To think I would have followed you to the end of time before now..."

I look up from my pillow and see Shadow standing there with a man in a negetive suit. His voice while raspy and harsh was familiar.
He looks up sullenly and nods his head and explains what had happened to him.
"Shadow what the hell is this. What are you trying to do to me? My mother just died and now you bring my father here to have him ask me for his own death!' I stand up my mind filling with anger. "If he was causing you so much grief why didn't you kill him? Why did you bring him here to me? To show that my own father turned on the one thing he gave most of his life for?"

[John Jr.]
I sit up and look towards the Game Lord.
"Why should I trust you? For all I know you could be behind the Splitter invasion."
Zaros' amusement is clear, a smile tugging at his lips pulling them into a grin as Zarakka can hear the man's air escaping his nose, in what sounded like a suppressed laugh, and he starts to pull away from Zarakka, but oddly enough Zaros still was well focused on the situation at hand, evident from the fact that his Katana was still in a ready position.

Korzis stabs at the creatures now revealed from the flames brought upon them from his son, and when a hit is realized to be incoming, his shield raises and the crystal in the middle glows, blowing off the arm of the offending attacker.

Pyro throws back the claws as on the underside of one of the arms of his PART a shotgun rests, a Berserker, now enraged and charging, he blows off the head off, the body stopping a foot in front of the young (in relative terms due to his genetics) boy, and is kicked over as it falls to its knees. He had now gone into the same rage displayed by the Splitter, except he was armed with a shotgun, and pyrokinesis (if you've watched Ghost Rider, you know how much more powerful Shotguns become if you set them on fire with supernatural powers), not to mention a suit of armour.
Shade just snorted in amusement. Chuckling a bit at the stupidity of these Splitters. "Ivan... it's funny... Cynthia, she was a good person even after she died the first time. You just had to catch her in a good mood. Now these Splitters... they don't do good imitations... Terra seems to stubborn and pride to call in reinforcements... she's the female version of Pyro only with more powerful Telekinesis instead of Pyrokinetics. And then there's the old man... it could be a trap... but it can't be a trap if we know about it." She pulled a rifle from behind her back. It was fully loaded and it would have surprised some people... it was just but a Gauss Rifle. "I have old tastes... plus it works just fine and thanks to a mixture of psionics and this arm that Jessica had made for me several years ago... I can hold it without breaking the bones in thy body."


The formless energy of Cynthia went around Jake and Zack. Playfully tugging at them. "You two are fun to be around... especially Zack because he isn't much fun to be around."

But that conversation would be short lived as Korsa snapped. Almost taking out the head of Zack and devouring the mind of Jake. "I Gave Him Permission. You Didn't Have Any. Watch Where You Go. Record Keeper. And It's The Matter Of The Deal If I Keep It Or Not," the snake seemed to spit it all out while his eyes stared into Jake's. "She May Leave Only If You Find Me The Strongest. That Will Lead To Chaos With More Lives leaving The Weak Organic Body." It came to some understanding and it seemed strange that both Zack and Jake could see a grin on this 'snake's' face. "I Can Always Kick Her Out. Becoming The Maiden Of The Eater, The Keeper, The Warden. She Will Be My Harbinger If Needed."

Conversation was now fruitless and Cynthia sighed with a deep regret... it was peaceful here... no death... no life... no pain... no problems. "I might as well come back... if I don't go he might just kick me out and I'll have to serve him again with a more... painful objective. But if I go willingly... I might be let off easy. Now comes the problem. The body has to be living... Another... I wont have any skills or abilities to bring back with me... only knowledge... I wont even look like the Cynthia you all once knew... And I wouldn't be Hybrid... I wouldn't be Changeling... I would end up Human... you must understand this. And if I'm offered to become one again... it's not happening, worst mistake of my life."


Digon was cleaving through the halls... smelling, hearing, seeing! The blood and splatters of drones littered the hallways it seemed... then he grinned. He saw reports... recordings... copying voices was fun. "Terra! Pyro! Where are you!" It was the voice of Joan, their mother. And then as soon as a gargling sound as a berserker was mimicking a female screaming in pain. It might not work... but whatever.
I nod and sigh. "I know you won't take on being a Changeling again ... I just wish I could relinquish being a changeling myself ... even if it were only for the time I would have with you. I'll look for a body that will work. Do you wish to be Psionic or just a normal human?" I ask mostly ignoring the Serpents snap but registering what it said as I turn to him. "The strongest of the Splitters?"

Shadow shakes his head. "Remember the Juror system? Wherein one selects someone to end their lives should that be what must happen? You were selected as Flint's Juror in absentia. You are the only one allowed to decide his fate. I will leave you to your decision, miss. Flint, make your case to her. What happens now is on her shoulders, not mine. I never intended this. Life turned out this way."

The Game Lord tilts his head. "Were I responsible for the invasion, what would prompt me to cut them down?"

Zarakka simply closes the gap and grips Zaros's arms with one set of wings. "Suit yourself." Zaros finds his consciousness slipping away. He feels lighter . . . smaller . . . younger . . . and all is blackness.

With the room finally cleared of Splitters, the most immediate threat is Sara's tantrum, as the room is now collapsing. A beam falls and traps a Chrono Splitter, and its weak arms cannot lift the metal object. It tries to bend time, but is apparently too young to have fully mastered its abilities.

"Leah....I've been gone for thirty years being tortured and twisted by the splitters for much of it. Right now the only thing that is keeping me from going back to what they intended me for is this suit. I.. I have done things to people. Innocent people that are unforgivable and now your mother is dead because of me. I ask that you spare me the misery of living with what I have done and spare me from being the tool of the Splitters." I keep my head hung low as I speak.

I was fighting back tears again. Now that I had my father back he was wanting to die. Die for something that he did because he was tortured until his will broke and then twisted into a tool that the Splitters used for their cause.
"...I... I don't... I don't think I can decide this..." I struggle to say as the tears start to come forth.

"Huh... Oh yeah..." I look up at Shade. "I was thinking that Terra would be to stubborn to call for help. but everything here seems like a trap." I look at the arm that Shade has mentioned. "Why did Jessica make an arm for you?"

[John Jr.]
"Maybe you led them at first then someone in the ranks grew tired of the way you were running it and wanted to take over. You could also just be leading me on luring me into a trap."
I clear the course a split second before Daniel and skid to a stop as I turn around to look at him a smirk on my face behind my helmet. "Looks like your cleaning the room for a week."
Cynthia gave a lighthearted smile. "I don't care if it's psionic or not. Though good luck trying to come up with something that is that powerful. Sometimes you are just lucky... psionics aren't common you know."

Korsa snapped again, this time in a thinking manner... this time calculating. "Yes... the strongest... with the strongest gone then the weaker ones will come more quickly.:


Shade just gave a blunt reply. "When you are facing the enemy, you always expect a trap. And they will always lose their moment of surprise if we are always expecting them. And yeah... she did. I lost my arm killing this one Zerg... a former student at the older academy. She just kindly gave me an arm... did some work on it as best as she could. It's not perfect. I can't do everything that I could do before. There are limits to what this arm can do. But I'll still be able to do something with it."
IC: "Looks like I need to get a maid outfit then." Daniel says "Of crouse would have won if you hadnt cheated"
"Hmm both points are true." I smile gently at Cynthia before asking them both a question. "Except this GameLord I guess neither of you would happen to know where the strongest of the Splitters are?"

I chuckle and shake my head the helmet moving with me. "No need. And I didn't cheat."
IC: "I say you did since you started before anyone said go." Daniel laughs.
Cynthia gave a sullen, "Hmm..." before re-positioning herself.

Korsa stuck his tongue out... this time tasting Jake... "You Are Resourceful... Find Out. Many Are Killing As We Speak. Some Are On World Ships. Trick Them If Needed..."
An anomaly occurs.
"Right..." I start to head down the path that had the sound of Terra calling for help. I might as well make them think they were luring me into a trap but really I was working on springing one of my own.
"She really did have a knack for mechanical devices didn't she."
Shade chuckled with a heaving sigh. "Yeah, she did... 'tis a shame that she died but not everyone can live forever. At least she's in a better place if there is one."
"Yeah... Not exactly a good memory for a five year old... Maybe mom is there with her now...." I keep moving forward down the path. "As for anyone living forever, My brother sister and I can for the most part, I'm sure you have heard about that."

After fifteen minutes of trying to hold back my tears I manage to collect myself.
"Father... You make your case but I cannot grant you your wish. You did those things because you were turned into a tool of the Splitters and as of right now it is apparent that they have no hold over you while you while you wear the Negative suit. I sentence you to be held in the Negative suit until we find a more permanent fix for what ever it is that the Splitters are using to control you."
I look up at Shadow next.
"There you have heard my choice."
I walk over and hug my father tightly.
"Please don't loose your faith... You would be honoring mom more by living and fighting to end the Splitters than dieing because of the grief you bear." I say softly into Flint Sr's ear before I stand back up.
"Please leave now Shadow. I would like to be alone now..."

I sigh softly and look towards Leah. Even though Dani died because of me she still wanted me to live even for what I am now...
"Shadow... Old friend.... I know you can find a way to fix what ever the Splitters did... If it means you have to rebreak me down to build me back up then do it. These arrogant sons of b*$tchs need stopped and it is time I stop working for them and set things strait."
"Meh it is a matter of opinion. In a real battle no one says 'start'."

"Yeah ... I guess I might be going Splitter hunting sooner than I thought ... Hmm ..." I say before I return to my body not interested in staying around the Keeper any longer as I had a feeling I had been getting close to becoming a snack.

Shadow vanishes, offering a thumbs-up for support.

Ivan and Shade reach the end of the path, finding a dead end. However, there is a Poltergeist munitions crate at its end. An unseen force crumples Shade's mechanical hand, and it is covered in a thick liquid.

The Game Lord shakes his head. "So you disbelieve me. The Flint family is thus doomed, as you are the most open-minded. Fare thee well. Mayhap you feel no pain. I shall try to save Joan next." He disappears

[John Jr]
"Well you didn't show much to prove your case Game Lord. Maybe if you shown me more of what you said would come. Hell with everything that is going on what you told me seems to be the closest thing to an answer. I doubt because I haven't seen what you've seen in your timeline." I shout towards where he was. He couldn't hear me now, least not that I knew.

I bury my face into my hands sighing heavily. Redeeming my father seemed like an almost impossible task now that I was ordered back to KLR9. Wait a minute. The revolver was on KLR9 in mom's old quarters all I needed now was the ammo once I got the revolver.
{XO have the helms man activate the warp drive setting course for KLR9. They want me back at base and quick.}

"Khan start using the Active scanner." I start to look around the area noting the crate but wanting to secure the area first before investigating the crate.

**Master Ivan, it has been determined that there is a Beserker Splitter of odd composition standing directly behind PKA Graduate Shade. The crate contains a modified version of the Cyclone heavy weapon. Would you like a list of its modifications?** A heavy weight knocks Ivan to the ground.

Poltergeist File: Cyclone Assault Assistant
Weight-84.25 lbs.
Length-4 ft.
Ammunition capacity-Infinite
Fire rate-dependent upon the emotional state of the user
The Cyclone is the pinnacle of destructive capacity. It never overheats, and it launches Psycho Spikes at high speeds. What adds the final cherry on top is its special feature- the more distress the wielder is under, the more damage it does. If the holder is enraged or at the verge of tears, the weapon fires off rounds so quickly they appear to form a solid stream.

I stand back up and dash for the crate to extract the rifle.
"Khan I need an exact location of the Berserker." I comment as I start to open the crate.

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