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What kroger said and hes gonna have to work for it this time around :P

"Yeah I'm Mozan. You should be able to I don't think they restrict communications." I say looking around and making sure I was going where I wanted to go.
Another PART's team member passes by hear part of the conversation.
"I presume you are wanting to send a message out? From my understanding it is only to other secure Poltergeist lines under supervision of a superior or the division leader. Right now the only officer I know is in a meeting with Shadow. He should be able to give you more detail." With that he start to walk off.
IC: Daniel sighed a little as they kept walking. "So how long have you be here?" He asks her before looking at the PART memeber. "Thanks but that will take forever to get a message to them if I have to wait for them to ok it and listen in."
I use that old battle rifle all the time! As well as the knife.. Just not as much as the former.}
I reply indignantly.

Can I get a reply to the valkyrie?

Top of the previous page.
While I'm thinking about it, what weapons does Terra use?


{You've used that knife outside of sparring one time! Don't tell me less, try never.}
"Been with Polt for a year or so now. I'm the only non human member of PART division and I've only been on this ship for a week or two." I say stopping for a moment to double check where we are before resuming.
IC: Daniel kept following Myra as he checked her over just to get an idea what she would be like in a fight. "Interesting.. I know Mozan never really leave their sector much.. By the way I am really sorry for knocking you over."
{Maybe that's because I'm a better shot then you.}

{I'm not crazy enough to deny that. Besides, you and I both know I've always been better with a blade than a rifle, although I'm not about to put dad's old rifle he got after the Academy on a shelf to gather dust.}
"Yeah we don't and its OK this ship can be a bit confusing."
{And I'm better with my rifle than that oversized butter knife. We've had this argument dozens of times before brother, why do you insist on repeating it?}

{Because it fills the time.} I drop out of warp and survey the area.
I roll my eyes;
{Men! Generally an unfortunate necessity to the survival of the human race.}

I chuckle and shake my head. {The same can be said about women, sister dearest.}
{Although I doubt with half a brain would have the guts to say so.}
I reply dryly.

{You forget I'm your brother and don't worry tooo much.}
"Okay... What is the basic guidelines for Pyro, e.g. weapon(s) of choice, personality, likes, dislikes, and other stuff? Or can I do whatever and just keep in mind he competes for Umbra's attention for whatever reason that would even be a mystery to God?"

Korzis stands in the room, away from both his father and mother. "It is possible Flint is alive. You Changelings are hard to kill. Not unless you're willing to. Also, Flint could have been captured by something and warped out before that ship was blown apart. And Terra, I dare you to do that again." Pyro snickers as Korzis shifts his attention to the exchange between Shadow and his mother. "Mind explaining to me who she is, or was?"

Zaros stands still. His eyes closed, his head facing the floor, and he seemed slumped against the wall. But he was very much awake, and was irritated by the exchanges, half-wanting to beat the granddaughter down to the edges for her attack. It had only be fifty-three years since the attack, and still the ferocity, lack of mercy, and the blood he had let loose in that day haunted him. He had never let himself go into such a state of brutality since, all his attack aimed straight for a quick and clean kill.

I paced through my room, spinning my scythe, and looking at all the sh!t that was still here. I wanted to go out and burn half the stuff. Whenever I had the chance I was either too lazy, or was on very bad terms with my annoying @ss brother. I hated to admit that he was the best choice for the job of burning it, as people just knew when I set fire to something, as it would either end up being charred, or catch everything on fire. Both cases having been seen not to long ago, and the latter having gotten me grounded when I was ten.

I sighed as I just sit on my bed, the green colour long faded away, with a few splotches here and there. I set my scythe on my lap, admiring the work put into it. The blade was of a darker tint, but was still very shiny and silver-like. The black leather crossing over itself up the pitch black steel shaft. A rune like inscription, something that was only there for aesthetics, is carved into blade end of the shaft on either side of it. It was basic, yet masterly worked, and could prove a very dangerous weapon when in my hands.

"First person is Kayla.Though since she came last, that should be obvious."
Shade shook her head with an annoyed and frustrated look. More importantly... her grandchildren were pain in the asses except for Kayla... at least she had restraint most of the time though. "Zaros... this is going to be interesting... Sara... you want me to test it so you are going to obey and then you are going to freak out... only difference is... you aren't getting anything like last time... I'm dedicated now." Her fiery gaze looked right into the earth using Terra... oddly named, and the fire using Pyro... huh, ironic. "And you two! You two are a bunch of !@#$ heads for grandchildren... if you were still going to have an aunt... if she didn't do what she did... even though she was family through some odd %^-*ed up way! She would have killed you... and probably have dumped your bodies where she is now..."

A sound of a fury of breaths was brought to a still as Shade calmed down... annoyed... "There's a chance that Flint is dead... Cynthia is dead... that's how she got off the radar... she's dead. Haven't heard from her since..."
Oh, also, Terra has her own SBP-variety gun, as well as her abilities to manipulate ground and all metals, and her PART is equipped with a full assortment of cannons and an energy blade.

[quote]Shadow sighs. "Terra, Leah, I demand both of you be silent before I put you both on ice." He clasps his hand to his forehead. "In any case, the lot of you, as in everyone in this room excepting myself, as I currently need to steer this craft to intercept an attack on Kaldir, will be heading to the least defended of the five Splitter core ships, the Khabein. You will quickly get in, sabotage as much as the ship as you can, kidnap a single Chrono Splitter, and get out before they pull back. A word of warning: they can manipulate small jumps through time. Knock one out before grabbing it. Understand?"

SCAR-Kiwi looks up.

Shadow scowls. "Yes, you are included in this assault. Now go." With that, Shadow vanishes out of the room, and a small transport craft becomes visible through a wall opening. Pyro nods and gestures out. "Let's move. A Splitter ship won't go undefended for long." His PART suit encloses his body, its black coloring decorated with flames. "Program Gloria, bootup." **PART AI Gloria functional. Combat mode activated.**[/quote.]

I follow behind Pyro my own PART suit enclosing around me.
"So how do we go about knocking something out that we know almost nothing about?"

I sigh and head for the transport twirling a bit of my hair in one hand."I never said that we were easy to kill Korzis, I just think it would be difficult for even one of use to survive a warp bomb that was positioned next to the engine of a 'world' class ship. Hell the people who did survive barely did."
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he is dead John

Dammit John, I'm a doctor, not a psionic!

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Can we go one RP without a romance? Please?

Or at least with out a poorly developed sexual relationship with no redeeming qualities?

Hm. If I am around when this Splitter ship is struck, it will give me ample opportunity to introduce my characters.

I shall bring in my other entities shortly thereafter. Probably via direct communication with Shadow.

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