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After we finish settling in we go out and wander the halls looking for the mess hall.

My own PART suit covers me, the earthy yellow color matching my abilities and call sign well. Walking out of the briefing room, I stop and glare at Pyro. "This time, you'll loose, brother."

OOC: Wait on Drac. He's certain traits he wants shown.
A few Overlords and Mutalisks warp nearby the assault fleet and fly towards it, though not at a sped that indicated an attack but a much slower, lazy speed.

Umm anyone??
Immediately a couple guns gone haywire decimate the Zerg, turning them into blood and gore floating in space.

.......................... I will ignore that for now
Several turrets aim towards the crowd of overloads.

Identify yourself and be quick about it unless you have a death wish. A presence sends to the zerg.
An old battered but well maintained valkyrie drops out of warp just outside the edge of the Assault Fleet and begins making its way in as it opens a comm line to the fleet's capital ship.
A voice comes over the comm line.
{This is flagship Vengeance please I identify yourself in a timely manner otherwise we ask you to turn around and go to where you came from.}
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.......................... I will ignore that for now

An armored man who looks to be in his 30s appears on screen, although his eyes seem far older;
{This is Stefan Alexander, a student of the second Academy. I hear this is the place to sign up to kick Splinter @ss.}
{Right then, Hanger 5 has a few open spots. If you hurry you might be able to catch up with the first group out.}
A way point to the hanger appears for Stefan on his immediate right.
{There is hanger five. We hope you enjoy your stay aboard the Vengeance}.
I grunt in acknowledgment as I bring my valkyrie in;
{Good to hear, is there anywhere in particular I should go to get myself integrated? I'm looking to join the toughest and meanest assault force that you've got. Figured that's where I'd be the most useful.}
{Well there is the PART Division. Not many make it through the testing and training.}
I was listening to some of the comm traffic and pick up the mans question.
I chuckle;
{I'd suggest checking the Poltergeist database for me then. I sincerely doubt that there's any training program that I couldn't pass. Anyway, who are the PART Devision? Their name doesn't ring a bell.}
{Recently found group Mr. Stefan.They are the best we have combat wise using a combination of various tech that we have developed in time.}
Delta was feeding me the information on Stefan as I was conversing with me.
{I see you attended the second Academy with several others. We might be able to use you in the PART division but it is not my call. If not I am sure my brother could use another soldier on his ship.}

"Thank you Delta. Any other data useful pertaining to him?"

"Not much other than he had a project that your father and Jessica both worked on shortly before your father disappeared for the first time." He informs me. "Wait there is this file pertaining to experiments that the Dominion preformed on him before Valerian Mensk took over. It appears his genetic code was modified to allow him to heal faster and augmented strength. it seems he was subjected to gene splicing with zerg genetics."

"Not to much unlike a few people that end up with Poltergeist..."
OOC: To both Zark and Knarled... get over it.

IC: Daniel nodded while following. "Understandable... I normally spent time on either my family's farmland or traveling in our spaceships.." He says while thinking to himself. Should I warn her my sisters like to play pranks on people?
Then stop turning things into a bad soap opera.
I nod and stop at a door marked A-15c and open it before going inside. "Welcome to our room. By the way if you try to catch me naked you will find yourself missing a few things." I say before heading to the bed on the left side of the room a silver skin tight HE suit laying out on it.

OOC: Kroger hopefully you will still be on da when I get home in two and a half or so hours as I wish to chat with you.

Zarkun: when do we make stuff bad soap operas? I think that has really only happened once.
Actually morph I am at work till least 11 pm tonight only posting now as I am on break.

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